Co-Stars Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine appeared for a red carpet event this part Thursday. Tudyk was literally chosen at the last minute to play Tucker, the smarter of the two hillbillies. "When I first started reading, I thought this was a good idea. I never seen anything like it before, and I also thought it wasn’t going to work.," he said. "By the end, I was like ‘he did it, he did it Eli pulled it off." Eli Craig is the director.


Tudyk also saw movies like The Hills Have Eyes and Wrong Turn before filming, He tended to describe such movies with words like horrorific and harrowing.
He also said the crew had to be careful to balance the horror and comedy. "There are those comedy horror movies where they treat death as something that isn’t actually a big deal,and it’s a silly crazy thing," he said. "Then there’s also movies where you actually deal with ‘oh my God, somebody actually just died," and how it will affect someone forever.

This was also a role reversal for both Tudyk and Labine because in this movie Tudyk was the smart guy and Labine was not. "Tyler’s usually a whip-smart, smart-ass type of guy, and he was awesome at it. And I usually, I played a lot of idiots, or I have played idiots in the past,’ he said, "and I got to be the other guy."

Labine has been a familiar face on TV from Reaper to Sons of Tucson and Invasion, but he was very impressed with how quickly Alan was able to jump in. "We did a table read the day before we started shooting," he said. "I was happy with what I was doing, and then Alan came in and read, and just killed it. Of course, Alan and Tyler became good friends and a good team in the movie.

The movie was also feature in a special "Drive-In" Friday night at Comic-Con. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil will be available on Movies On-Demand in late August, and in theaters September 30h.

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