Proof I'm not kidding

This was part of the Trash Film Orgy Festival, whose philosophy is that the movie is actually secondary to the games and antics they can do at night. For one thing, they decided on a theme: the Vampire Prom, or what Sunnydale High would have if Mayor Wilkins won.

A warning in more ways than one

Now, this could mean Hell on Earth, or what the grads will experience once they try to get a job. But there were lots of undead teens living it up…

Uh, that's a really gross hickey

Sunnydale High Prom, worst case scenario

Thankfully, someone decided to dress up as Buffy…

OK, now we're talking

As I said, the movie is secondary to the evening itself. The print was really worn out, especially at the beginning, and the sound, and the obnoxious audience, were both too loud to understand everything. In other words, it’s the old-fashioned film-going experience before Cinemark and AMC took over.

Still, after seeing this movie on TV and DVD, I wanted to know what it would be like on the big screen. I also wondered if, when the movie first came out, anyone thought it would have made a better TV show. We know, of course, that it does.  It took just one WB executive to believe that.

There was an intermission, where we had an interesting pageant for Vampire Prom Queen.

Choosing the Vampire Prom Queen

The gal in red was the winner. There was no “Class Protector” award, although the MC, who is the guy dressed as the toughest bunny ever (good thing Anya wasn’t around), tossed holy water at the terrible vampire comic.

The Trash FIlm Orgy Festival continues through mid-August, and will have a horror festival in October which will feature Repo the Genetic Opera.


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