After arriving at the new La Vida restaurant in Hollywood, we were able to observe the party, at which it seemed at least a couple hundred people showed up. On hand were Ghostfacers stars AJ Buckley (Ed) and Travis Wester (Larry) — the original duo from "Hell House" — as well as other Ghostfacers team members played by Brittany Ishibashi (Maggie), Austin Basis (Kenny) and Mircea Monroe (Ambyr). We were able to get some pictures with them (which you can see below), but sadly they didn’t have the time to do extra press, as busy as they were, so we were unable to get interviews.


Also on hand to witness the festivities were Supernatural stars Jim Beaver (Bobby), Rachel Miner (Meg) and Richard Speight Jr (The Trickster), writer/executive producer Ben Edlund (of Angel, Firefly and The Tick fame), and a bevy of other celebrities and industry people. Everyone seemed excited for this chance for the Ghostfacers to fly on their own without their "rivals", the Winchesters — douches and douchenozzles, they’re called — stealing the spotlight.


Once the show began, we were surprised that they were showing the entire "episode", not just a few parts. While split up into ten overall episodes, the entire episode seems to last a little longer than a traditional TV episode at around forty-five to fifty minutes. Without getting spoilery, of course, I can just say that Ghostfacers was excellent. It was funny and entertaining — as one would expect — but it was also dark, poignant and engaging, moreso than I expected. I actually found myself caring for these characters more than ever before, not only because we got to see more of them but because they were more fleshed out as well. Guest star Kelly Carlson also did an excellent job as the resident specter.


After the episode was over, we mingled a bit more and were able to talk to some of the celebrities a little bit. In what might be a little scoop, one of the people behind Ghostfacers told our reporter Salena that they want to work Jim Beaver’s character of Bobby into a future script, which would be awesome. We were also given gift bags — which was an unexpected surprise — with a comic book, gift certificates, a CD and more. We then ran into Jim Beaver outside and chatted with him for a spell. It was my first time meeting him, and he was downright adorable.


Overall, it was an excellent evening that I’ll always remember as one of those "cool LA moments" that can only happen here. As for Ghostfacers itself, it’s totally worth your time to watch, even if you’ve never seen Supernatural before. I encourage everyone to head over to the CW website to watch this fantastic mini-series, which indeed stays in the kitchen when the kitchen gets hot. 😉


Now here are some pics. You can see all the photos by clicking here.



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