Having officially swapped Ballroom 20 for Room 33B, which is the standard press room, the day was spent zipping in and out taking pictures, and the universal truths are: – producers talk entirely too much if you let them, and Morena Baccarin is gorgeous with her little-boy hair cut, on either side of the lens.

The large events in the big venues – Fringe, True Blood, V – were left to others, while we chased down autographs for the Buffy poster, including an autograph from the Man, Joss his own self, who graciously signed at the Dark Horse Comics booth.

Before even leaving the hotel this morning, I put the claws on a guy who looked like Batman with a serious gold manicure.  In the lobby of the Hampton Inn, a full-on paparazzi flash-off was underway, as Batman-goldclaws posed dramatically on the linoleum.

Today, at the convention hall, costumes were in full flower.  Everywhere you looked, staring on the trolley, costumes of all kinds, simple, complicated, with makeup, props, in all colors and painted moving parts.  Fully articulated remote-controlled R2D2’s rolled around outside Exhibit Hall C, beeping at kids and accosting adults.  Everywhere, teams of themed costumes adorned humans posing for cameras big and small.   The Sails Pavilion was packed with people in costumes and not, standing in line for autographs or just wandering around laden with bulging bags, loot obtained from Hall C and surrounds.  Giveaways were frequent in the big events, keeping the fulfillment room busy.

In the relatively quiet confines of the professional room, a legend appeared. Ray Bradbury came to chill after his panel.  Even there, the “pros” came over to take pictures with him and shake his hand.  All of which he bore with great good grace.

John Barrowman was sighted in the Exhibit hall lurking in a booth, and Amber Benson appeared on the Monster Mash panel, and signed the Buffy poster as well.  We escaped the confines before the Masquerade Ball, but the party seemed to be well underway already.

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