We’re shown a great opening with lots of clips from season 4, which is awesome, and is shown to the tune of "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC (thanks Aromee). Oh sheesus, he’s coming! The brothers can’t get out! Eeep! They turn to face the blinding light and deafening sounds as the room seems to crash down around them…then we’re shown Looney Toons, and the brother’s are on a plane. What the hell? Holy crap a blinding light throws the plane off course. And what does Dean see out the window?!

Holy crap, new bloody title card! Awesome! This is making no sense and I looooove it. Chills though, I totally have chills.

We now see Sam and Dean in a rental car, and all of the radio stations are talking about the bright light. Dean is peeved, but tells Sam it’s okay, which surprises me after all that happened. They don’t know how they ended up on the plane, but they surmise angels did it.

We now find ourselves at Chuck’s house, which is a total and complete mess, like a tornado ran through it. Whoops, Chuck belts Sam in defense. Chuck’s last vision tells of Sam going “full on Vader,” with a high heart rate and black eyes, so it’s no wonder that Chuck is surprised to see him. Sadly, Chuck also informs us that Castiel was smoked by an archangel. He exploded? Ew! Chuck found a molar in his hair! Sheesus, I love it!

Oh crap, Chuck can feel the angels, and look who shows up but Zachariah. Dean is pissed that they “jump started” judgment day, even though the angels blame Dean for not stopping Sam, and Sam for starting the whole kit and caboodle. The angels want the brothers to kill Lucifer, and apparently he does need a vessel like any other angel, so this will be interesting to see who it is. And I loved how Dean called Zachariah a douche. Woohoo, Dean smote them with the little blood spell Castiel taught him.

We now find the brothers in, of course, a seedy hotel preparing for war. Sam made some strong hex bags with knowledge he learned from Ruby. Also, Sam now has no shakes or fever from not having more demon blood, which means he might be free of it. I’m glad they’re having a brotherly moment, but you can tell Dean is pissed. Dean, however, is going back to basics, like any other hunt, which is great.

Now we find ourselves in Pine Creek, Delaware wherein some guy is walking around a fairly seedy neighborhood. Wow, this wind is creepy, with all the stuff blowing about. I wonder if that’s…SATAN?! We then cut to the same man, in bed, bleeding all over the place! EW! And then the blood is gone…WTF? That’s no Nyquil induced nightmare, that is. 

OMG, who the hell is that? There’s a girl with a cut up face who says Nick – the aforementioned bloody dude – is chosen and is special. I wonder if that means he’s gonna be the vessel! We’ll find out, but wow, this episode is great so far. Tense, actiony, funny, angsty, so far I’m loving it. So far we are being given a lot of questions…what happened to Castiel? How did the brothers get on an airplane? And above all, at least to me, where the HELL is the Impala?!?!

OMG! We come back from the break to a girl writing…fanfic?!?! Wincest?!?! Ew!! All of a sudden Chuck comes on the screen and she goes all fangirl on him, which is hilaaaaaaaaarious.  Apparently Chuck is being watched and he’s in trouble. However, in a “Galaxy Quest” moment, the girl, Becky, tells Chuck she knows it’s not real and she knows the difference between reality and fantasy, prompting Chuck to say “Becky, it’s all real.” “I knew it!” she replied, which is just as funny as the first time I saw it in the aforementioned “Galaxy Quest.”

We cut back to the brothers in their seedy hotel room while Dean watches news reports of the impending apocalypse. Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door…and it’s Becky. Yay! She totally fangirls over Sam and Dean, touching Sam’s chest and proclaiming he’s “so firm.” Freaking hilarious. I love how this show makes fun of itself. HAHAHA, Dean is totally not what Becky pictures.

Becky comes to them with a message that the Michael sword has been lost, and it’s in a "castle on a hill made of forty-two dogs"…as she continues to feel up Sam. OMG, lines like “Becky, can you quit touching me,” and Becky replies “No…” while looking…quite enraptured are part of what makes this show great.

We now cut to another hotel, I think, and YAY, Hero Shot of the Impala. I missed you, old girl. ^_^ Bobby’s apparently brought it back to them and is glad to see them all in one piece. He has information on Michael’s sword. Michael also is in command of God’s armies, and used the sword to send Lucifer to hell in the first place so long ago.

Now we get some angsty angstness from Sam in which he confesses to Bobby about setting Lucifer free. Bobby looks shocked, as one should when such a thing happens. Bobby goes into father mode, talking down to Sam, and I love it. OMG, Bobby wants to cut Sam off if they survive this? Wow, harsh, but wow. That HAS to be hard on Sam, as Bobby is a surrogate father to them, and to be abandoned by BOTH of his father’s has to be damned difficult.

Bobby brings up what John said about “save Sam or kill him.” Dean is disgusted, but Bobby thinks John was right in that they might have gone too easy on him. Dean, therefore, gets an idea. They find a card which seems to coincide with Chuck’s clue, but OMFG, Bobby is kicking Dean’s ass! He’s possessed!!!! HOLY CRAP, BOBBY IS POSSESSED!

Wait, who the hell are these people? I mean obviously they’re demons…OMG, it’ Meg?!?! Wow…that’s a twist, I love it. Apparently every demon will be gunning for Dean since he’s the only “bump in the road” for hell on earth. Holy crap, BOBBY STABBED HIMSELF?!?!?! It mean it killed the demon inside him, but HOLY CRAP!!! Dean eventually pulls out the knife and is about to stab Meg when she escapes. That’s all fine and good, but WHAT ABOUT BOBBY?!?!

We find ourselves back in Pine Creek, Delaware and Nick, who is looking longingly at a teddy bear for some reason. Suddenly the empty baby swing starts swinging, creepy! Now we hear a baby crying? WTF?!? This is getting all kinds of messed up…however there’s no baby! Just the sound of the baby crying over the baby monitor followed by BLOOD flowing out of an empty crib, which sets Nick right off…I’m GUESSING that he lost his child…

Back to the hospital with the brothers and Bobby, who is thankfully still alive. The brothers leave Bobby to track down the sword at their father’s storage unit. They come across some dead bodies on a devil’s trap…and OMG it’s Zachariah. Apparently THEY couldn’t find the sword either until now…and DEAN IS THE MICHAEL SWORD?!?!?! WTF?!! What does that even MEAN? Holy crap I love this show…

Wait, now Zachariah is saying Dean is Michael’s vessel, and has been chosen for a great honor. Dean isn’t happy of being an “angel condom.” ‘Zachariah just POINTS to Sam breaks something, looked like a leg. Dean figures out that Michael needs his consent to take him over, and Dean says no. Zach threatens him with Bobby’s mobility, then suddenly Dean has stage four stomach cancer. Then Zach takes Sam’s lungs! OMG, this is awful to watch!

Bright light and OMG CASTIEL! YAY! And WOW is he kicking ass! Even Zachariah looks scared. I know I would be. Castiel doesn’t know how he’s alive, and he doesn’t know how the brothers got on the plane, but he can only think of one thing…something that scares even Zachariah. Castiel orders Zach to fix
them up and leave, which he does. He then carves a sigil INTO THEIR RIBS! EWW! Apparently though, the Nokian Sigil will hide them from any angel, including Lucifer.

Apparently, Castiel was really dead, but when Dean asks him how he’s back, Cas disappears. We then go back to Nick, who’s dreaming of his wife – who is an angel – named…wait for it…Lucifer. Nick, of course, doesn’t believe him. Nick is told it’s his choice, and is told Lucifer needs to be invited in. Lucifer then says his crime was loving God too much, and he was punished for it, just like Nick was punished for it. Apparently God is sadistic, or he doesn’t care. Lucifer wants to help find God accountable for his actions. This is good talk from an evil fallen angel, even I might be convinced, honestly. OMG, Nick said yes! Frak! Great, now Lucifer has a vessel. Awesome.

We find ourselves back at the hospital, where Bobby is upset that he’s being told he’ll never walk. While Bobby is worried about the war and whoever wins, Dean wonders what will happen if THEY win, and with that kinda attitude, they might just pull it off. Bobby then tells Sam it was the demon talking when he threatened to cut him off earlier, which is a huge relief to all of us I’m sure, but especially Sam.

While Sam thinks they should go find the Colt, Dean admits they don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell and that he was talking for Bobby’s benefit. Dean then tells Sam that he tried, but he can’t keep pretending everything is alright, because it’s not, as Sam chose a demon over his own brother. Sam was the one Dean depended on the most, and he was let down in countless ways. Sam asks what he can do…Dean says nothing, honestly. Dean doesn’t think they can ever be what they were, and that he doesn’t think he can trust Sam. Holy crap. I can’t blame Dean, but holy crap.

What a great episode. It had humor, angst, tension, anger and so much more. I honestly think this was a strong opening to the season, and while it’s not telling us everything, it’s not supposed to just yet. I can’t wait to see the ride we go on this season.

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