Not only that, you can now embed it anywhere. For this story, here’s the link to the video, along with the first episode and a trailer to the season.

 Allowing people to embed The Guild to other sites is a good idea because it’s going to increase the number of hits into the hundreds of thousands. It did wonders for the "Date My Avatar" video.

It also goes back to Kilt Guy’s motto. It’s only only his credo for an obnoxious lifestyle, it’s also the explanation of why  has become a big hit in and out of the internet. Felicia Day and the Guild gang has created something most media and enteratinment "experts" have said couldn’t possibly succeed, but it has…in a BIG way. The Guild is a rebellion in itself because it’s a successful web comedy that’s funnier than anything you’d see in the bigger screen in your living room. As Felicia told CNN while she was at DragonCon last weekend, this show has become "The Office for the geek set".

Besides, the way things are going, this show could be 23,779 times more compelling than the new Melrose Place can ever be. Take that, CW!

Oh, and let’s wish Dr. Horrible luck on the Creative Arts Emmys Saturday. He’ll be up for a Special Award, but will face competition from three other webisodes and the Super Bowl halftime show. Maybe next year, the Emmys will have categories for internet entertainment.

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