This was my first time seeing/hearing Jason Manns sing. Even though he’s performed at just about every Supernatural convention I’ve attended. Something always came up. This time, nauseous or not, I was going to be there.

Even though I wasn’t familiar with the songs, I really enjoyed the show. Jason has a beautiful voice.



I think I’d like to see him clean up a bit for his performances, though. He looked a bit like he was on his way to clean out the garage. Don’t get me wrong. He can sing. But, presentation, man! Presentation.  I do look forward to hearing him again. I’ll be more familiar with his songs then and my review will be a bit more interesting. =]


Next up, The Steve Carlson Band!

Before I get started, let me give you some history (my history) with Steve Carlson. Most of you may know Steve is good friends with Christian Kane and that they formed the band Kane together. My good friend, and Staff Writer, Patti was a big fan and got me to go with her to see them perform. Loved them! Not long after that, Steve started performing by himself, and faithful fan that she is, Patti was there. She told me how great he was and tried to get me to see him, too. For some reason or another, I didn’t. Then, at the 2007 Supernatural convention in Chicago, Steve was performing and the concert was included with Gold & Silver tickets. As I was a Silver ticket holder (at the time), I thought "Free concert? Why not? Let’s see what Patti’s been going on about." Yeah. I wanted to kick myself for not listening to her sooner. He was awesome! I bought all of his CDs and a t-shirt for my daughter and I’ve been "groovin’ on the inside" ever since. So, be aware, I may be a little bit biased in my view of the concert. But, hey, my blog, my way. Deal. =P


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