First, I want to remind everyone that Grimm is moving to Tuesday. So new episode this Tuesday (Apr. 30). And, just FYI, Grimm has been renewed for a third season. Second, I want to make sure you all look out for the David Giuntoli interview that will be posted the same day. Third, let’s talk about the episode! We got a good one!

Grimm - Season 2So, baddie of the week was a giant magma monster called a Volcanalis, which was scary and awesome. (I’m sure there’s a Trek joke there, but it’s not my fandom. Sorry.) I cringed with sympathy pains every time that thing attacked, and I was truly curious about how they were going to defeat it, which hasn’t happened on the show in a while. Suspense from my paranormal-crime show is all I ever wanted. ..And shirtlessness. But I’ll settle for just suspense in a pinch.

Thinking of cringing from sympathy pains, I know I wasn’t the only one flinching away from my TV while Adalinde was undergoing her unanesthetized procedure with the Gypsies. Not only because of the pain, but because those implements did not look sanitary. Ew! Ow! Ew, ew!

Grimm - Season 2Speaking of the use of tools, what on earth made Nick think he could use a gun on a magma monster? Or more importantly, when he saw a gun didn’t work on a magma monster, why did he keep shooting? For an extremely agile, Grimm-powered detective with super-hearing, he sure can be slow on the uptake.

And Juliette was an actual character this week! She had a goal, and lines, and emotions, the whole shebang! I think all of it could have been copy/pasted into last week’s episode, but better late than never I suppose. I am wondering what she’s thinking about the proposal. And will she have a less stupid reaction to the Grimm world this time?

Grimm - Season 2Now, I know I’m talking about a show where fairy tales, ghosts and magic potions are real, but it’s a little far fetched that Sgt. Wu would suddenly be accompanying Nick to investigate crime scenes and question suspects. Since, you know, he’s not a detective and that’s detective work. This only further proves my theory that Nick and Hank are the only homicide detectives in Portland. I understand if you want to expand Reggie Lee’s character, writers, but come on! If this were a medical drama, nurses wouldn’t suddenly be performing surgery while one of the doctors was on vacation! …Or maybe they would. I don’t watch hospital-dramas. But my point still stands. Having Sgt. Wu play detective was ridiculous. I wonder if Nick gets to be Captain if Prince Renard goes on vacation.

And am I out of the loop and is “eco-warrior” a term everyone uses? Just asking since they threw the term around like it was common and I’ve never heard anyone say it ever. Granted, I’m a fan of not leaving my house, but still.

What have we learned? Magma monsters are quite formidable. Team Grimm and Prince Renard work quite well together. And Juliette is capable of doing more than one thing in an episode.

What’s going to happen? Team Grimm is going to fight for Prince Renard in an epic battle against Eric (Renard’s brother).

If you have a question for David Giuntoli for Monday’s interview (Apr. 29), tweet me (@ChelseaisIRL) or leave it in the comments. Also, feel free to make all the Vulcan jokes I missed in the comments.

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