James Marsters (BtVS , Angel & Smallville ) is starring in a new film being released on VOD, Digital Dudes & Dragons image2Platforms and DVD on March 1, 2016, Dudes & Dragons.

Winner of “Best Feature Film” at Dragon Con 2015, Dudes & Dragons is a hilarious fantasy comedy also starring Kaitlin Doubleday (Empire), with a special appearance by Luke Perry (90210, Buffy the Vampire Slayer). It’s the story of a powerful wizard (Marsters) who, after being rejected by the beautiful princess, Ennogard (Doubleday), tries to rid the world of love using his fire-breathing dragon and the brave group of eccentric warriors who take on the quest to break the curse, defeat the wizard and, of course, slay the dragon. It has been referred to as Lord of the Rings meets The Princess Bride.

Dudes & Dragons poster2Some of you may also know Dudes & Dragons by it’s original name, Dragon Warriors, a title change which, I feel, makes the type of film it is much more clear And now I am even more excited to see it!

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