Adam made a point to acknowledge all the Jayne hats in the crowd. He explained that the original hat was auctioned off for his favorite charity "Marine Corp Law Enforcement Foundation" raising $4,700. He added that Jayne’s t-shirts and his scripts were also auctioned off, raising about $50,000 for the foundation. 

Adam admitted that his 20th wedding anniversary is a few days away; also that he is working on a show called Chuck, that he is "the grumpy one". He made a point of congratulating Barack Obama for winning the election, adding that he did not vote for him but wished him well and that he will be praying for a successful presidency. 

Adam also brought some questions for the audience; he had prepared the list while having a beer with some of the California Browncoats in the hotel bar & grill. 

Adam started the panel with a few questions of his own, first asking "What is Jayne’s job on the ship?" The crowd answers, "Public Relations". 

Who does Jayne toast to at the bar in the episode "Jayne’s Town"? "To me!" 

In the episode "Trash" what did Jayne show River instead of his man parts? "A deck of cards!" 

Where is the character Badger from? "Dayton Colony." 

Where won’t Jayne kiss a woman? "On the mouth." 

Adam added that he had recently kissed his first man on an episode of Chuck. He described that in the episode, his character, Casey, had been poisoned and that Chuck, Zachery Levi‘s character, thought he could give him the antidote through, saliva so they had to kiss. They did lots of takes, and Adam commented that at least Zachery had his first guy kiss at age 27, but Adam made it to age 46. 

Now, time for the first question from at fan at the microphones. This fan admitted to crying during her photo op with Adam. The reason for the tears was the fact that she had given him a flag that had flown over Afghanistan. First chance he got, Adam went over to Warner Brothers and took a pix of the flag in his dressing room to show her. 

She continued now with her question, asking if Zachery ever asked Adam (who has the Browncoats) and Robert Duncan McNeill, the producer, (who has the Trekkies) what a convention is like and about getting together some Nerd Herders. Adam added that most of the Nerd Herders were Browncoats or Trekkies, but that he would mention it to the Powers That Be. 

Adam’s microphone malfunctioned and someone yelled "Summer!" which made the crowd laugh. He added, as everyone knows, that Summer was "set scapegoat" on the set and every home should have one. 

The next fan asked Adam if he had breakfast before coming to the convention. He laughed, as she pointed out that he ate her pastry at the breakfast that morning. Adam admitted that he had only a bite and that she threatened to sell the rest on eBay. 

Adam’s turn now, as he asked, what did River use to knock Jayne out in the kitchen? The fan answered, frying pan, so Adam asked the audience and someone replied "can of peaches".

Now it was that fans turn, asking what Adam took from the Firefly set. Adam said he took all of Jayne’s t-shirts, which have all gone up for auction, boots, gloves, Jayne’s hat, his knife, the "pain is scary" bowie knife, a bullet, then he got silly adding Joss Whedon‘s shoes and Morena Baccarin‘s toe nail clippings. 

Now a fan mentioned that Nathan had said that Adam played Jayne as if he was in love with Inara. Adam replied that Jayne was short on cash and that he didn’t know if she could cook and Joss didn’t like the idea anyway. 

Then someone asked if there is a scene that Adam would re-shoot if he could. He admits that he wanted to get more intimate with Dobson in the pilot. He wanted to make the knife scene really sexual, but didn’t want to take the chance. He didn’t have the "balls" to fight the boss on this, but he wanted to get right up on Dobson’s lap. 

The next fan asked what is tall in a card game. Adam answered "Plumbs". Adam now asked what Jayne brought to Book at Haven. The fan answered "cigars", then asked another question about the Jayne/River pairing on the Internet. Adam admited he is not familiar with it and that River is too young, he prefers Jayne and Inara. 

A fan now offered him a box of chocolates, and he ate one slowly on stage, adding that some Oreo cookies and garlic dip would be good, also. The fan then asked what his favorite weapon was. Adam answered "dry wit", then added Jayne’s little hand gun. 

Now, a fan asked if Adam thought Jayne was a good man and if Jayne thinks he is a good man. Adam said that Jayne was not a good man, he was not the love thy enemy type, then added that Casey is a good man. 

Adam was asked about his experience working with different directors, such as Joss Whedon and Stanley Kubrick (Full Metal Jacket). Adam said Joss is a gifted writer and Stanley had the benefit of more time to direct. He said that both are unique and that if you get on their bad side, they make you pay. He added that Stanley was a giant of a visual technician. 

Next a fan at the microphone asked about the time Inara brought a female customer to the ship and why Jayne had to go to his bunk, twice. Adam answered "masturbation", with a chuckle. 

Again, the question came up concerning a Firefly musical and Adam’s vision for Jayne. Adam began to sing "Why can’t a mercenary be more like a girl?" and suggested that Jayne would be speaking it instead of singing, like in My Fair Lady.

A trivia question for Adam: What was the name of the gun used in the movie, during the final battle? It was named "Lox", after a guy on the message board who had passed away. Adam was asked if he would be on the Chuck message board in which Adam asked "What do they talk about?" 

Adam was asked if he knew any funny stories from behind the scenes. He answered, teasingly, that he is always so very serious. He said he just "rolls with it", that he is a follower and just reacts. He adds, &quot
;Yeah, that is my training, that is why there’s no Adam Baldwin Show".

Next a fan asked Adam what part of himself he brings to each role. He said his wit and he just tries to "stay taller". 

A question is asked about Casey’s target practice in Chuck, if it was improvised. Adam explained that in an episode, Casey was shooting at a spinning target over his fireplace. The first target was Hitler, "pow" right between the eyes, then Osama ben Laden, "pow" right between the eyes, next Reagan, Casey stops, then Chuck, "pow" Casey misses and, yeah, it was scripted. 

The next fan said her friend is playing Jayne in a fan video and asked for advice in playing the roll. Adam found the friend in the audience and tried to get her to sing "The Hero of Canton" but the woman chickened out, he then teased the fan at the microphone about playing Kaylee. He asked if they had a website, but they answered not yet. 

Adam was asked if people ever confuse him with the other Baldwins in Hollywood. He answered, yes, but that he was the smart one and the sober one, but added that he liked those guys, they are all unique. 

Again, Adam was asked about the episode when he kissed Chuck, specifically a Beatle style wig he was wearing and whose idea that was. He joked that the hairdresser wants to win an Emmy. 

Now, a fan asked if there is a show that Adam would like to have as a crossover with Chuck. He joked, perhaps Girls Next DoorNext Top ModelCelebrity Circus, then maybeGossip Girl.

Adam asked another question "In Jayne’s letter from his Mother, what was Maddy sick with?" The audience answered, "damp lung". 

Adam again, what do the Chinese letters on Jayne’s T-shirt with the number 28 translate to? It says "fighting elves" and several in the audience are wearing it. 

A fan asked the reaction of Adam’s cast mates when they came off the stage at Comic Con. He replied that they were quite intimidated, 6,000 people looking at you. He told them "you ain’t seen nothing if you haven’t been to a Firefly con. They loved it, they drank up the love." 

Now to Adam, who would win in a fight, Jayne or Casey? He answered it would be Jayne, Jayne fights dirty. But then again, Casey has guided missiles. 

Next, what was Jayne’s opinion of the rest of the crew? Adam explains Mal is his little brother, Inara is really hot, Wash is a pest, but his wife is hot and strong, Book is smart and reverential, the doc is a pest but sexy, Kaylee is his little sister, River is a pain. 

A fan asked Adam about any weird things fans have done. He joked about some fans who were peeking out of the bushes of the Jurassic Park ride, asking Adam if they could talk to Nathan. 

Adam then talked about an upcoming episode of Chuck that will be in HD and 3D and is scheduled to air after the Superbowl. 

Now a fan asked Adam how he stays in shape. He answered jokingly, "drink beer". 

The next question asked if we will ever see any of Casey’s green "Buy More" shirts on eBay. Adam asked if they meant is he ever going to take one? He won’t go on the record, but maybe after season 6. 

Adam was asked what his favorite episode Firefly is and why. He likes "Out of Gas" and the pilot, "Serenity". Also, "Heart of Gold", he likes combing hair, he has daughters. Another is "Objects in Space" even though he had the week off, since Jayne slept through the action. The reason for that was that Jayne would have kicked his ass. 

Adam’s favorite episodes of Chuck are "Chuck vs Undercover Lover" because of flashbacks and kissy face, and the upcoming 3D episode. 

Finally, a question concerning a tiff with Nathan over Jayne’s statue head. Adam got a little excited in the episode and broke off the statue’s head then thought, ‘great, I have a souvenir’ and took it home. He then received a call from the Production Manager saying they needed it for retakes, so he had to bring it back in. So, in some of the shots, the statue has a crack around the neck. As Adam put it, we can see his crack. The head was ultimately sold for charity. 

The hour is up and the many Q&A’s are over and the convention is coming to an end. So much fun and so many laughs, and now there is next year to look forward to. 

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