This week’s Once Upon A Time was Zelena-centric, which I never mind, as Zelena (Rebecca Vader) is one of the highlights of the show for me lately.  Zelena and the Black Fairy have a run in where Zelena tells the Black Fairy that she isn’t scared of her – to which the response is that she should be.


The Black Fairy is very much still a threat at this point, but the majority of Storybrooke seems primarily focused on what should be the wedding of the year… Emma, Hook, and the Charming’s are trying to determine what they need to do next as far as wedding planning goes when Regina interrupts them to deal with the Zelena/Black Fairy situation.  This is probably lucky for them since Granny’s was literally mentioned as an actual possibility for wedding venue.  I can’t, y’all.

As Regina and Zelena are fighting in the mines, the Black Fairy catches up to them and basically tricks Zelena into using her magic and then directing that magic into some magic crystals she had set up.  In the long run, Zelena comes to the conclusion that Regina might have been right about her acting without thinking first, and decides she can right this situation by sacrificing her own magic so the Black Fairy can’t use it.

The next step is for the group to wake up the Blue Fairy, who they think might be the one that needs to stop the Black Fairy.  The episode leaves us at the heroes trying to wake Blue and the Black Fairy telling them they can’t.  We’ll have to wait until next week to find out what happens next with Blue.

What did you think of the episode and Zelena’s willingness to sacrifice her magic for the greater good?  Comment below!

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