Author: Bryant Dillon

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9” #10 Review: So…Robots, again???

Writers Andrew Chambliss and Scott Allie wrap up the latest story arc, “Apart (of me),” and Buffy’s time as a one-armed robot in Issue #10 of Buffy: Season 9. While the issue features a couple of great scenes and the arc wraps up leaving us wondering what’s to come next, the end of this chapter of Season 9 seems to lack the “omph!” that is desperately desired.

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ADVANCE Angel & Faith #9 Review: Some People You Gotta Write Off

Greetings, Scoobies. While the loss of limbs, human or robotic, has been something of a common condition recently in the Buffy-verse, I’m happy to inform my army of minions that while I did have to donate an appendage to the comic book gods for this month’s advance issue of Angel & Faith #9, fortunately, it wasn’t MY appendage. I mean, come on. How would I turn the pages? Anywho, it was totally worth it (And, I’m sure my one-armed buddy would agree. Right, buddy?), as writer Christos Gage and artist Rebekah Isaacs deliver their final chapter of the ‘Daddy Issues’ story arc.

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