Author: David Mello

Episode Recap: Dollhouse 1×02: "The Target"

The episode opens with an emergency at the Dollhouse three months earlier. The Actives are sent to their beds, while one them wonders why they haven’t showered yet.

Head of Security Laurence Dominic comes in with a small army behind him. He calls out for Topher. "Guns. Can I have one?", he asks. Dominic really wants answers. He learns someone cut Dr. Saunders like a jigsaw puzzle, and a guy named Samuelson got it worse. We learn it was one of the Actives…Alpha, as in the "problem" from last week. DeWitt says Alpha has had a composite event, even though Dominic says that’s not possible. It is, though. Alpha has killed a lot of people, including some Actives who were showering.

Except for a scared little Active, looking up and saying "They won’t wake up." She, of course, is Echo.

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Episode Recap: Dollhouse 01×01 "Ghost"

Two women are sharing tea. One of them has an offer.

"Nothing is what it appears to be,"; the older person says. She is Adelle DeWitt. She offers the young woman a clean slate, by making a five-year commitment. The other woman disagrees. She says when you clean a slate, there’s always something left. DeWitt tells the girl, called Caroline, that actions have consequences, but what they do helps people and could help her, too. Caroline is skeptical, and says she just wanted to make a difference and take her place in the world. Still, she adds, actions have consequences.

"What if they didn’t?", DeWitt asks her.

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Joss Whedon and the Seven Pilots Rule

When Joss Whedon announced last July he was re-shooting the pilot episode of Dollhouse,  he talked about how tough it is to develop a show into the vision you want. This may make sense, since the show has a premise that’s tough to relate to: a girl who is programmed to be anyone except herself.

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Dollhouse – Pilot Episode Review (SPOILERS)

There is no me. I do not exist. There used to be a me, but I had it surgically removed — Peter Sellers

I’m not nobody — Echo…or is it?

It’s been more than a month since Time Magazine became the first media site to look at the pilot for Dollhouse, Joss Whedon’s return to TV. Since then, a few more sites have given their verdicts, including and Salon. More familiar sites will also have their chances over the next few weeks.

Fox sent a DVD copy of the pilot to TV and radio stations, along with a special doll to symbolize what an Active is: a clean slate who can be made into anyone, over and over again. At least that’s the theory. My radio station got a copy, and I decided to take a look.

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Joss Whedons Secret Award…Revealed!

Remember way back in September, when ABC had a poll of what was the most dramatic and funniest moments on TV in 60 years, and the winners would be recognized at the Emmys? Well, the results came in, and they were never revealed on the air. They were too busy convincing themselves that six reality show hosts being the perfect group to host the Emmys was a good idea. The winner for most dramatic moment, as many of us know, was Buffy sacrificing her life to save Dawn at the end of season five. The producers just decided not to tell the viewers, maybe because they figured no one would know who Buffy was. Feh.

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