As you can see, it’s Camden Toy, who attended the three-day event meeting with Buffy fans who known him for that role, but not usually for his two other roles, Gnarl and one of the Turok-Han Uber-Vampires.

“Some of them come up to me and go ‘wait a minute, I know you did that and that, but you did that character, too?'” he says. “It’s always fun to be able to surprise people that are fans but still don’t even know there were certain characters that you did.

“The dyed-in-wool fans will recognize me,” he continued, “but it’s interesting how, if you’re under this much makeup, which is five hours of makeup, you don’t get recognized, It’s kind of a funny double-edged sword in a way.”

He also revealed that visiting Sacramento gave him a chance to visit his sister.

Last Sunday, he was part of a panel on movie villains with Tony Todd, known for Candyman and most recently on 24, and Bill Moseley, known for Repo! and The Devil’s Rejects. Toy said that Gnarl was one of his favorite roles. “That was such a fun character”, she said, “because he was incredibly multi-faceted and so well-written.” He also praised the make-up work for bringing him to life.

Toy also recounted how he was cast as a Gentleman in “Hush.” He said his agent called him about the role, and had to meet Joss later that night. Todd and Moseley helped Toy “recreate” his meeting with Joss Whedon and casting director Lonnie Hamerman. He recalled how they described the role, that his character floats to people’s rooms, steals their hearts and smiles a lot. He did his audition and, according to him, this was Joss’ reaction…

Camden imitating Joss, sort of

Toy may have been exaggerating, but he admitted “I thought either I got the role, or he thinks I’m a total psycho.” Of course, Toy got the role, and he and Doug Jones made TV history as the scariest Gentlemen TV has ever seen. He also revealed the episode was originally named “The Laughing Man.”

Toy later came back in season seven as one of the Turok-Han Vampires Buffy had to battle. “It was such a physical role,” he said. “I think they were talking about probably having a stunt man do the role.” However, then-showrunner Marti Noxon wanted someone who could put more feeling in the role, someone like Camden Toy. Thanks to a little help from makeup and special effects artist Rob Hall. Toy got his third role on the show. He also said it was the first role he didn’t audition for, and the first time had to have a physical. He admitted he was surprised about that.

Toy can currently be seen in Mansfield Path, a horror picture that he describes as similar to The Crucible, but with a creature stealing souls. Toy is one of the elders in the village. He also did a short film for Jason Connery that he described as an English farce.

Aside from meeting Toy again, I found this very rare piece of Buffy lore…

Buffy's other yearbook

This is from the press kit of the original 1992 movie, and I’d say I got this at a good price. Many people have the Sunnydale High School Yearbook, but this is harder to get. It has fake high school autographs on it, plus info on the cast and crew. It’s in pretty good shape considering it’s 17 years old.


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