Is this Amalia True’s Hell?
It is for much of this episode, as she wonders if she’s dead, or if there’s a way out.
Also, Hague tries to bring back his mom, or whoever is haunting the telephone wires. It could cost a lot of lives.
It also shows the Touched on their own, as the Purists are about to make their move. Also, Swann makes an impressive move, and someone decides to leave.


So where IS Amalia True, and with who?
It may be a pub located in Purgatory where she’s with Zephyr (Claudia Black) and Molly (who Amalia used to be). They discuss what they felt just before they died. Before she jumped, Molly even wished she had anther life. Thanks to Zephyr entering her body, she got that chance.
So why is Amalia there? She is supposed to realize what her mission is, and that she’ll have to sacrifice all. She suddenly sees Mary, and is told “we don’t know what we’re living for until we know what we’d die for”.
OK, but is Amalia dead? Well…

Meanwhile, Penance is being tempted into helping Dr. Hague bring back his mom, even if she isn’t. She thinks she can unite science and religion, but soon finds out she’s made a big mistake. It’s a pretty bizarre plot twist that hurts her status on the show. Hague has a massive mad scientist lair, and wants to put his “mom’s” sprit into the Galanthi which has grown quite big.
It makes the viewer wonder what’s worse, madness or naivete.

Oh, and he has Amalia’s body, and he’ll kill her if Penance doesn’t cooperate. So, she’s not quite dead.

Lavinia Bidlow asserts her will by telling a story about hos she became a good hunter despite what her father thought. She is gunning for someone, but who?
It’s not her brother, who’s on his way to the asylum. That is, until Augie’s bird friends free him in a brutal manner. Even he’s shocked by this, but also seems to be pleased. His sister thinks his status as one of the Touched would make him insane. If he realizes he has that much power over birds, she might be right. Still, her contempt towards him is also growing his ego.

The Touched finally see they have to fight to survive, and Fireball Annie (Rochelle Neil) is leading the training for the attack with the Purists. She has an interesting scene with Massen’s Touched daughter, Lillie, who has horns and a horrid face. She can still talk and reason, and is very upset about what he dad did. They both agree this is where they learn and where they hurt. It’s pretty surprising there’s not a lot of people who want to defend the Touched. The media and Massen are united in their opposition.
So Harriet (Miss Cold Miser) and Hugo Swann have to keep the House of Lords from preventing the Touched from gathering together. That means the orphanage is illegal, too. Although Harriet (Kiran Sonia Sawar) tries to feed Swann an argument against the bill, that doesn’t work. Then they just make their case themselves, pointing out the Touched has their uses…and that many of them are kids. Since the Lords have never seen a Touched, they finally get it. The X-Men would envy them.
The Touched are now legally safe. Massen still tells the Beggar King he can attack the Touched. Wait until he finds out his daughter is with them.

Massen visits Lester’s house, and finds Sarah/Maladie as a calm housewife. She doesn’t say she just killed her husband, but tries to recall her time in the asylum with Hague. She says he was working for someone else. It’s pretty calm until Mundi finds dripping blood. Yet, he lets Maladie go, because he realized a husband’s alleged kindness broke her apart. She finds others dressed like her, so she becomes Maladie again. Myrtle is also there. She left the orphanage, convinced the fact she stabbed someone to protect a Touched friend started the current conflict.

Back at Hague’s lair, Amalia does wake up but Hague is about to inject his “mom” into the creature. Before that, though, “mom” takes form.

Penance figures out the woman is really from Amalia’s future, but has decided to work against the Galanthi. She even tempts Penance with the power of the future, but she won’t do that. She stops “mom” while Hague has been electrocuted.

Still, that’s not the end. Lavinia arrives with a gun, and she’s Galanthi hunting.

The show has shown how people fear the Touched, and how that’s being exploited. If you got to know one, that would chage everything. Too bad it may be too late.
It also shows even the good guys (Penance and Augie) can make mistakes. That’s also a int to future trouble if there was a second season. The finale will set up a battle that will wind up being costly. Will it also explain what the Galanthi really want?

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