What happened to Maladie and Amalia True after the baby Galanthi sang its song?
This episode shows it did have an effect on one of them.
Also, there’s a family feud, and Dr. Hague has a special offer for someone.


It starts with Dr. Cousens’ son Isaiah revealing he draws images from dreams, including those from others. That’s how he knows dad has been cheating, and why others are killing the Touched. Then he shows a Punch and Judy stage and says “the Puppet Man is coming”. It’s possible he’s with the Purists.

The episode, though, spends most of its time with Maladie (Amy Manson). She emerges from the Thames, and seems to be quite sane. Did the Galanthi cure her? She’s compelled to return to a house, and even knows where the spare key’s located. Once upon a time, she was “Sarah”, the wife of a guy named Luther (Karl Davies). Once he shows up, it seems she’s settling into this role. It’s not long before the dark side is shown. When she breaks a dish accidentally when he mentions “Maladie”, he hits her. When he goes into his office, and sees proof he handed her over to Hague, he catches her and hits her again. This is not going to end well.

Meanwhile, Penance is looking for Amalia with a drone blimp that would have been shot down 124 years later. Augie shows up, and asks her to help him with a luncheon for the orphanage. Lavinia would handle it, but he left her under the city after she broke the Orb (which he doesn’t mention, of course).
They also have their first kiss, which means their love is doomed. This is a Whedon show, after all.
She shuts down everything to go to his house, but some mysterious electricity turns everything back on. It’s also looking for the baby creature.
As for Lavinia, she crawls out of the underground lair, and manages to get back in time for the luncheon.
He chooses this time to tell his sister that he’s taking over the estate and orphanage, and nearly says he’s Touched. However, he’s interrupted by Hague, who’s more interested in Penance.
The family feud is going strong, and he thinks he has the upper hand not just because of his bird powers.

Mundi and Swann meet and talk about Massen. Mundi still thinks Massen killed Mary back in episode three, and wants to get inside Massen’s place for proof. Swann this it’s a ridiculous idea, but he’ll help out. Actually, it works pretty well, because Massen is at Lavinia’s house to discuss the Touched. They now agree they’re a threat, and that a bill to keep them apart (and kick them out of the orphanage) has to pass. She, however, has something more drastic in mind.

Back to “Sarah” the housewife, she’s at the breaking point. He “plays a game” with Lester, which turns out to be deadly. She doesn’t leave though. She just hopes no one visits the place.

Then the episode does something strange. It has Penance actually interesting in Hague, only because she wants her skills respected by someone….but why from him? Even geniuses make dumb moves.
First off, he’s still talking to his “mom” on the phone, and it’s implied he has the Galanthi. He’s got a plan to bring her back. Having Penance involved with this doesn’t make sense, even when more of the plan unfolds. The show just has her involved because she will play a key is Haugue’s crazy plan.
As for Cousens, he manages to be in a pub where the Purists are planning their attack. He’s almost gets killed, but his healing hands wind up killing the attacker. This shocks him.

The episode ends with three well-timed surprises. First, Lavinia has Augie sent to an insane asylum (with Hague’s help), and takes back control. Second, Mundi does find some interesting info about Massen, and Swann finds something shocking…

It’s a girl who has horns and a diseased face. He gets her out fast, mainly because of who she is.
Third, Amalia finally surfaces from the water, and heads to a pub. She gets a drink and the shock of her life.

Thisi episode sets up the home stretch of the season, but Manson gets top marks on showing how Maladie was once a typical housewife, but fell into madness because of a cruel husband who thinks he’s doing it for love. It was very typical back then.
Amalia’s fate, though, may confuse a lot of people. The next episode reveals Haugue’s plan, and the Touched will make their case at last to avoid the battle Massen wants.

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