After a very stressful year that included a tense election and a pandemic that is still affecting much of the world, it’s good news that the 13th season of Doctor Who is finally underway.
Jodie Whitaker is back as the Doctor, but the season will only be eight episodes due to restrictions imposed due coronavirus.
Still, executive producer Chris Chibnall says fans can expect another exciting season. “Given the complexity of making Doctor Who,” he says, “and with new and rigorous COVID working protocols, it’s going to take us a little longer to film each episode, meaning we expect to end up with eight episodes, rather than the usual 11. But rest assured, the ambition, humor, fun and scares you expect from Doctor Who will all still be firmly in place. For everyone around the world, this is a challenging period – but the Doctor never shirks from a challenge!”

For now, she has to figure out a way to escape from a prison in outer space, which is how last season ended. Her companions, meanwhile, have to deal with life without her, and the arrival of a Dalek invasion. They may be familiar with this long-time enemy, but it’ll be tough to beat them without her. It’s safe to say, though, she will eventually arrive to help her friends and the universe.

“Revolution of the Daleks” will air on BBC America on during the holidays.

One more thing: here’s a video of the cast for New York Comic-Con, where they talk about life under the pandemic and hopes for the new season:

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