SHIELD’s final mission is about to reach the halfway mark, and it looks like the Chromicons are getting the upper hand, thanks to their ability to replace SHIELD staff…and more. Meanwhile, someone wants to steal Daisy’s power, and LMD Phil is very philosophical about his situation. It ends with a major tragedy, and two people in a very bad situation


The agents are in trouble as the Lighthouse starts attacking the Zephyr with missiles…and General Stoner (Patrick Warburton) didn’t order it. Maybe May and LMD Coulson were right about a possible alien invasion if the computers are hacked, but Stoner’s not quite convinced. That changes when the Chromicons try to clone him, with a couple of his agents turning on him.

Before that, we get a really good look at Sibyl, the Predictor and current Big Bad (Tamara Taylor). Her approach is looking at the past of the current timeline, and “pruning” it into a future where the Chromicons rule. As she tells one of them, “A new world blooms beneath your feet”. If things go wrong, she tells then to adapt or die. This is also what SHIELD’s trying to do, as it faces new challenges.

Mack has to protect his parents John (Sedale Threatt Jr.) and Lilla (Paulina Lule), who were kidnapped by the Chroms to keep Mack from interfering. He and Elena are doing the best they can without revealing they’re from the future, but they do a pretty good job. We also find out Mack as a kid is safe elsewhere (Mom and Dad still call him Alfie).

The situation is worse at the Zephyr, which was damaged by the missiles. They have to fix the ship or it’ll be torn apart in the next time jump. Jemma is upset she’s forgotten how to repair the Zephyr while Enoch (Joel Stoffer) tells her to calm down. This will lead to a big misunderstanding. More on that later

Most fans were worried what Nathaniel Malick (Thomas E. Sullivan) would do to Daisy. He’s able to arrest her Quake power, because he wants it for himself. He did some very bad things to her (draining blood and taking a gland or two), although she tried to fight back. Of course, the attempt killed him, but people are very worried about whether she’ll survive, even without powers. This is worse than Elena’s problems regaining her speed. Both Daisy and Elena must be back at full strength fast.

Still, fans were also very impressed with how Timeless SHIELD Agent tried to help Daisy recover. He talks about a guy who guided him when he got his knee seriously injured in WW2. Danny got help, but his friend wasn’t so lucky. It taught him to talk Daisy into surviving this trauma.
This shows that Danny has to survive somehow, either in 1955, 2020 or somewhere in between. People are already saying he should be with Daisy, which would be great if done right.

The most interesting part of the episode is LMD Coulson dealing with what is happening. He knows full well he’s an artificial Phil, including emotions and personality. He even remembers dying. May wonders if he just wants validation, and he says maybe. She’s just upset that Coulson keeps dying, even the fake one last year. She’s just out of tears and won’t mourn him anymore. He still points out that this argument is helping her regain her emotions, but her empath skill is still very valuable. They also figure out the Chromicons are literally cloning people, including SHIELD agents.

Then comes LMD Coulson’s “digital” meeting with Sibyl, who could be an avatar for all we know. Sibyl argues that the Chroms should survive because they don’t die (even though they get destroyed every week). Humans are held back, she argues, by their fear of death.

LMD Coulson, of course, says she’s wrong. Humans understand the importance of sacrifice to survive, and that’s why they will win. Also, Coulson’s super-power is dying, because people still try to rebuild him. It’s why there was TAHITI, the Monolith making a copy of him called Sarge, and Enoch making an LMD of him. There must always be a Phil Coulson in the MCU, because it wouldn’t be the same.
Still, sacrifice is necessary, and it looks like LMD Coulson has sacrificed himself by blowing up a Chromicon ship with dozens of Hunters inside.
Yet fans know, and May knows, he’ll be back somehow. So will the Chromicons, of course.

Back at the Zephyr, Deke zaps Enoch when he sees Enoch seemingly download something in her neck. She finally admits she has an implant that makes sure she doesn’t remember where Fitz is. He’s somewhere, looking for the Chromicons as they travel through time. She’s still able to use his knowledge to run the Zephyr. The implant is a bit off, though, but Deke fixes it. At least fans are assured Fitz is still alive, but it’s not the same as seeing him in the flesh. Fans want a proof of life, and soon.

Then comes a big shocker: May thinks Mack’s mom and dad may be Chromicons. Mack asks his dad to see his arm, and sadly May is right. Both parents attack Mack, and Fake Dad even gleefully describes how he killed the real parents. Mom even calls him Alfie as they’re dropped into the lake.

This was a message from the Chroms, asking SHIELD if they would sacrifice anyone to win. Is this part of “adapt or die, at any cost”? It might be when it comes to Malicks who live longer than they should, but sadly that also includes innocent lives in the past.

This leads to Mack taking a ride to mourn his parents, but when Deke looks for him because something has gone wrong, the Zephyr vanishes…with Mack and Deke lost in the 80s.
SHIELD without their boss and best tech guy? Have the Chromicons just won? We’ll see how Mack and Deke deal with a new decade next time.

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