Previously on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD….
an alien race called the Chromicons want to take Earth as their new world. They’ve also decided to do so through time travel.
That’s why these agents are in 1931, because that’s where the aliens are.
That’s the premise of the final season, which starts on Wednesday, May 27th. It’ll be interesting to see how the agents try to save the Earth nearly the same way as the Avengers in Endgame….and how the MCU may be changed when the mission is done.

As fans remember, Jemma Simmons helped change the Zephyr into a time-traveling ship, but Fitz is in an undisclosed location so that the Chromicons don’t get tipped off on SHIELD’s plans.
Also, Enoch, a Chromicon who objects to his kind’s plans, created a new android version of Coulson with complete knowledge of SHIELD’s history.

Aside from the agents being in the 1930’s early in the season, not much is known about what’s coming. Fans are hoping to be reunited with some familiar faces, like maybe Peggy Carter, Lance Hunter and Bobbi Morse.
UPDATE: Entertainment Weekly has just confirmed there will be a crossover. Enver Gjokaj will appear as agent Daniel Souza, who might get a preview of what the SSR will become.

Agents of SHIELD will air Wednesdays at 10 PM Eastern and Pacific starting May 27th.

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