Damon is rarely called the hero, but he certainly tries hard to be one. He’s been called selfish by many, but if he loves you, he’ll go to the end of the earth to save you. Can he save Bonnie?

******Spoilers Below*******

Bonnie must have been a cat in another life because she has had so many lives on this show. She’s working through yet another one, this time as a hunter. She tried to fight it, but her way of fighting it was to die.

VD721B_0017bWould it have been better to have her choose her own path instead of forcing her to wake up? It seems like they can fix almost anything. Unlike The Originals at the moment, which seems like they are all destined to die.

Damon is at his best when he’s selfishly trying to save his friends. I knew he would go inside of Bonnie’s head. It’s what Damon does. I loved how he used reverse psychology on her and it worked. Was any of them ready for what she was going to be like, though? They dealt with this when Jeremy was a hunter, too. He learned to control it. Not quite the same magic, but still.

It’s ten times worse with Damon because Bonnie is still so hurt and angry, so her desire to kill him is even stronger. This is making the depth’s of Damon’s character come out. He could just let her die. At this point, Elena is not going to blame Damon, because he has been fighting to save her. He would have an out, but Damon is still trying. He was even willing to let Bonnie kill him to save her.

He was definitely putting himself in jeopardy, there. Sure, it’s clear now that Matt had a plan with him, but can Matt be relied upon to save the day when it comes to vampires? I think not. Damon knew that dying may have been a possibility and he still did it. He really tried to reach her, but she’s so hurt, she can’t be reached. She even hurt Matt. This is some powerful magic that she’s under.

The only way to save her is to let something deadlier out. I was surprised last week when this dark magic was just locked away. I thought there had to be more to it than that.

The Vampire Diaries is acting a bit like Supernatural, at the moment. Save the day and deal with consequences later. This new evil will be tomorrow’s problem. But I guess that’s what has happened with Bonnie, too. Damon got her to wake up. She’s alive, making her not want to kill them is tomorrow’s problem, one thing at a time.

Each of them has been marked by Bonnie. Damon and Enzo aren’t running, but Caroline is. Well, Stefan is the only one that hasn’t been marked, but he’s running with Caroline.

Caroline finally understands why Stefan left. It wasn’t the only choice he could have made, but it’s the choice he made at the time. Now Steroline is getting a second life, it’s just too bad it has to be them on the run. This may be the only way they get their second chance. She had to understand what it was like for him to really forgive him.

Do you think Bonnie can be saved? Will this new crises reunite Steroline? Let me know in the comments below.

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