The most pleasant surprise of the con thus far has turned out to be the panel for the upcoming Netflix original, Daybreak. First, it stars Colin Ford, who played young Sam Winchester (childhood to teen years) on my fave show, Supernatural. Second it also stars Matthew Broderick and the show pays homage to his most iconic characters from Ferris Bueller to Election. Finally, it is a imaginative mashup of Ferris Bueller meets Mad Max meets The Walking Dead. And there is a pint-size pyromaniac and a ninja… sort of.

Well, don’t just listen to me blather on about it, watch the clips from the panel at NYCC. You’ll see what I mean.

Part 1 – Introductions

Part 2

What is your “elevator pitch” for Daybreak? “Ferris Bueller on bath salts.” “My So-Called Apocalypse.” “It’s Mad Max meets Zombieland meets Ferris Bueller.” Now, go!

Part 3

Can you find your favorite 80’s reference in the show (even Gymkata)? Why, yes! Please note, they are not zombies, they are “ghoulies.” Find out the difference here. Adapting the graphic novel and adding their own spin — check out part 3 and hear how they did it.

Part 4

Matthew Broderick weighs in on working with the teen actors and sharing a little wisdom. Colin Ford talks about reading the script and finding out his character falls for a girl named, “Sam Dean.” And yes, there will be more Supernatural references (even though this one was a coincidence).

Daybreak premieres on Netflix October 24th.

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