Dick Grayson visits an old friend while he tries to figure out what is next for him.  Grayson catches up with a former Wondergirl, while Kory begins to piece together her memories and Rachel gets some mother/daughter time.


I very much recommend a second viewing for this week’s Titans.  If it isn’t clear yet, Grayson isn’t looking to put a team together.  He cares about Rachel and wants her safe, but he is trying to figure himself out.

I have been really excited for Donna Troy to be introduced, and Conor Leslie does an amazing job bringing the former Wondergirl to life.  She has her own life going on post superhero, while still battling evil in her own way when Grayson visits.  I loved watching their chemistry together.  It is good seeing him have an older sibling like person who he could turn to.  It was also fun watching Donna give points on being a civilian and not a Gotham Knight all the time, also side note Grayson is horrible at small talk and relaxing.

The other part of this episode is watching the rest of the team travel to Rachel’s Mom’s home by train.  It was really wonderful to watch Angela with her daughter and Gar.  She offers a wisdom that Dick and Kory can’t.  It was really nice seeing Rachel be a teenager girl and get to know her mother seeing the human side of Rachel.

Titans has been dangling Kory’s amnesia all season, but I was excited that both the names Starfire and Raven were dropped while Donna was reading the photos Grayson took of Kory’s transcripts earlier in the season.  Of course we find out that according to Donna’s translation, Starfire may be here to either confine Raven or sent to kill Raven at the same time that Rachel is trying to use her powers to heal Kory’s mind.

It looks like we will be getting Kory’s origin while we will be getting Hawk and Dove’s origin from what next week’s promo looks like, titled “Hank and Dawn.”  A much larger team of Titans may be coming together to battle Rachel’s father.  We only have four more episodes for this first season of Titans, what are you hoping to see?  Leave a comment below.

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