shield-season-4b“A team that trusts is a team that triumphs.”

That may be the slogan the new SHIELD boss is supporting, but the agents are anything but that right now.  Meanwhile, the secret of Robbie Reyes, the Ghost Rider, may be connected to a scientific experiment gone wrong, rather than plain old ghosts.


The episode starts with a kid seeing a ghost who wonders why the boy in her house. She passes through the kid’s dad, and he seems to see his own child possessed.  This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this happen. The same ghost, Lucy (Lilli Birdsell), made contact with May last week when the team investigated the theft of a mysterious box. It’s making May see things too, driving her paranoid. May even asks Chen (Jen Kuo Sung) , one of the Asian criminals who wanted the box, about it, and he claims whatever it is has invaded the base. The cool, calm and deadly May we all know has fallen apart and even attacks Coulson.

It turns out the “ghosts” were really victims of an experiment at a place called Momentum Labs. They tried SHIELD Meet the New Boss Bsomething very high-tech, and something went very wrong. The “ghosts” are upset that they’ve been in those boxes for years (wouldn’t we all be?) and at Lucy. They talk about the “Darkhold”, a spell book that was once owned by someone coming to a theater near you. Lucy says what’s important is to take vengeance on whoever did this and get the Darkhold book to fix things. For now, they’ll settle on blowing up the reactor.

Meanwhile, Daisy is keeping tabs on Reyes (Gabriel Luna), using her research skills to allow her to pass herself off as a close friend. Daisy just wants to know what has possessed Reyes to take vengeance. She’s also learning the hard way that battling Reyes is a very bad idea. He’s able to fight her earth-shaking powers, but wonders why she has a death wish. He claims they’re not that different, but he is not an Inhuman, just enhanced. When she mentions Momentum Labs he leaves; she’s not too far behind.

Now about the new boss. We know his name is Jeff (Jason O’Mara) and he’s got a Luke Cage-like guy as his guard. He’s into slogans and may be just a bit too friendly. However, he is worried about what Daisy’s doing as it may ruin his “You Can Trust SHIELD, Really” campaign.

Coulson is still very important to Jeff’s plans, mainly as a poster boy for everything great about SHIELD. They even mention Peggy Carter at one point, and let’s hope it’s not the last time.

Coulson also gets involved when May attacks everyone because of whatever has driven her mad. It reveals one other thing shield-meet-the-new-boss-fabout Jason:  he’s an Inhuman who’s very strong. Jason knocks May out and decides to send her somewhere. He’s not revealing much about what he’ll do to cure May….if that’s his plan.

By the way, E! Online is suggesting Jeff’s last name is Mace, and had been in the Marvel-verse as the Patriot in 1976… was even Captain America at one point. No wonder he mentioned Steve Rogers and his “AWOL” status, too.

Back at the lab, Fitz and Mac arrive at Momentum Lab and are surprised by Hugo (Ward Roberts), another ghost. He somehow locks Mac in the reactor and of all people Reyes shows up and takes care of Hugo. Reyes leaves with a picture of the Momentum staff he took off the wall. His entrance was written in a bit too conveniently, so that the team now knows about him.

Daisy is there too, trying to explain why she’s gone rogue. Fitz isn’t having it because the team has been through a lot and they’ve never turned their back on each other. Daisy is doing just that because she thinks SHIELD is better off that way. Then again, she doesn’t know about Jeff.

Mac and Fitz learn that Yo-Yo knew all along where Daisy was and supplied her with special drugs to heal her bones. Mac now will have a trust problem with Yo-Yo, will it ruin their relationship? Still, it proves Jeff is SHIELD Meet the New Boss Dright about something.

Still, with Simmons trying to keep Jeff’s trust so he won’t affect the agents’ ability to do their job, May in a straight-jacket, and everyone upset at Daisy, it’ll be a long time before the Agents of SHIELD is a team that trusts and triumphs again.

For now, Daisy is reluctantly joining Reyes in his need for vengeance since he thinks what happened at Momentum Labs is connected to him. How can that be, unless he’s more than just a mechanic?

Fans hope to learn more, but the VP debate will delay the next episode until October 11th.

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Agents of SHIELD airs every Tuesday at 10 PM on ABC.

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