After questioning Mr. Adamson, the team finds out that Rachel’s birth mother may be alive but kidnapped.  This sounds like a job for the Titans.


After our Jason Todd episode, “Asylum” picks up with the ongoing story of the season.  Unfortunately after two very good episodes, this one felt more like a filler episode, more appropriately it also felt like as a team, the Titans took one step back after making two steps forward.

Dick Grayson has been saying for episodes that the mask embodies him to be more violent than he wants to be, this week he graduated to unneeded violent acts outside of his Robin persona during  the interrogation of Mr. Adamson and then in brutally taking out the asylum guards with a pipe.   One of the more interesting scenes for Grayson this week was when the Organization was trying to break him using their drugs.  In his head, Robin was allowing himself to be beat up by the younger Dick Grayson telling him over and over again it was the older Robin’s fault.  Young Grayson suggested that Bruce wasn’t to blame, but Dick himself.  I think we will be getting more information on this in next week’s “Donna Troy” episode.  There was one step close for Nightwing when Grayson’s Robin armor was burnt up by the Kory’s explosion of the asylum.

Speaking of Kory, I don’t know if they don’t know what to do with the character, but it is becoming annoying how much she is a secondary character in this series.  Again it looks like we get some more answers about both Starfire and Raven in next week’s episode, but to date she is so underused.

Overall, I have been impressed with the Titans series and I’m very excited for next week’s introduction of Donna Troy, but this week’s “Asylum” just seemed flat.  Yes they did rescue Rachel’s mother, yes they did talk about Rachel’s father…  I am personally ready for Trigon to step through, but before he does I believe one more Titan will be introduced.  I don’t know if she will be going by Wondergirl, but next week we get to meet Donna Troy and my hopes is that next week makes up for the lack luster of this week.  I even included the promo video below.

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