Jason Todd, the second Robin of Titans lives up to the hype in his namesake episode also titled “Jason Todd.”  I loved seeing Grayson’s childhood within his Haley Circus family as well a glimpse of both Robins.  This is a standalone episode where we get to see several sides of Dick Grayson.


I have thought that Titans’ Dick Grayson reminded me of the DC Comics’ Red Hood so it was very fun to get to see Grayson and Jason Todd team up for the episode as well as seeing Jason with the rest of the team.

Jason is actually hero struck at first, clearly wanting to meet and even team up with the original while still clearly having a chip on his shoulder, foreshadowing the chaotic personality of Red Hood.  He quickly showed his true colors by brutally taking out the Chicago police officers at the end of the episode.  One of the clear difference, between Grayson and Jason is that Dick is well aware of what he struggles through when he puts on the mask, Jason not only doesn’t care, but he revels being able to do whatever he wants to do.

Curran Walters brought Jason Todd to life, I would say almost better than Brenton Thwaites’ of Dick Grayson.  Tomaso Sanelli had another amazing performance as the younger Dick Grayson especially this week with Lester Speight’s Clay Williams.  I am hoping we will see much more of him, there is synergy between Speight and both actors portraying Dick Grayson.  My hope is that the man playing Bruce Wayne will have a similar chemistry.

It was good to see Grayson interacting within the Batman world, especially in the safe house.  I believe we are seeing what may be the future Titans’ Tower.  For Grayson, some of his best stories in the comics center around Haley’s Circus, and this episode delivered without missing a beat allowing Grayson to deal with some of his anger, to see what has brought him to where he’s at in wanting to leave the mask behind which we know will lead to him to reclaim being a hero and taking the name, Nightwing.

We are six episodes in, and have met not only the titans, but a number of vigilantes within the DC universe waiting still on being introduced to Bruce Wayne’s Bat Man.

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