After three episodes of getting to know Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) along with Rachel Roth (Teagan Croft) and Kori (Anna Diop), last week we got to meet Gar Logan (Ryan Potter) and his extended family leading into this week’s Titans “Together.”


I believe anyone who is enjoying Titans has been waiting for “Together.”  The team is finally brought together.  It’s really enjoyable seeing their synergy begin work together.  One of the things DC’s Titans are best known for is their teamwork on and off missions.  It’s really cool to see the beginnings of that this week.  Grayson is such a natural leader even if he is at the same time off putting in how secretive he tries to be.  I am not sure how much I liked the scene between him and Kori, it felt forced and out character for him.


“Together” also introduced a second “Father” for the villainous nuclear family whose mission the entire show has been to find and kidnap Rachel and bring her to whomever they answer to.  While I don’t see this family on the same power level when I think of my Titans, the first encounter was a good one for the heroes to learn to work together.

The outcome is expected really, I mean once the Titans start working together, it’s obvious.

Still there are several scenes worth viewing, including Grayson showing the rest of the team that he is Robin.  Ryan nails Gar so perfectly when he asks Robin, “Can I meet Batman?”  It was classic as is the ending scene centering on not just one Robin, but two.

This season’s second act starts strong, introducing Jason Todd and it looks like Grayson will be dealing with his past in order to help him get to his future as Nightwing.

Each episode builds one itself and each one gets better and better.  Don’t miss the next episode, “Jason Todd” on the DCU streaming service, Friday mornings.

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