If he’s supposed to fulfill a prophecy, Dirk Gently has decided to take control. He does by finding something surprising in the deserted house in Bergsberg. Also, Amanda and Vogel find themselves somewhere unusual, and the town’s book club is found…sort of.


Amanda (Hannah Marks) and Vogel (Osric Chau) do see that someone transported them out of the hotel bathroom and away from Priest’s firepower last week. It has a train in the air and a really big crescent moon that smiles.

Yep, they’re in Wendimoor, and the story lines are starting to merge. However, they’re quickly tossed into a cage with wheels. They’re joined by an odd-looking woman and another guy.

They’re identified as Farson Dengdamor (brother of Silas) who just didn’t want to fight the Prosts, and Watki Wapnasi (Agam Darshi) , a forest witch who may have saved Amanda and Vogel. Farson (Ajay Friese) explains to them what’s happening, including the prophecy. All Amanda wants is a cigarette, while some guards act rude.

Back at Bergsberg, Dirk (Samuel Barnett) decides to take a chance. He finds a slide in the abandoned building, and it leads him to another house that he eventually figures out is in another dimension. It has a TV showing something like Robin Hood. He’s also able to talk to Todd (Elijah Wood)  about what’s inside thanks to a phone.

Dirk does find something, but it’s not “the boy”. It’s something like a Purple People Eater. As he’s running, he also sees a table that was stabbed by scissors…and it’s bleeding. As he would say, it’s “classic Me bad”.

Back at the jail, Panto tells Bart (Fiona Dourif) why he’s being blamed by the Dengdamors for Farson being missing, while she explains why prison bars mean nothing to her. They share donuts.

Farah (Jade Eshete) and Tina (Izzie Steele)investigate what happened to the Book Club just after Suzie (Amanda Walsh) arrived. They find four piles of ash but five glasses of wine. They’re not sure why that’s so, but viewers suspect her magic wand may have been responsible. The Mage, meanwhile, is not too far behind, and is eager to get that wand back.

At the house, it looks like Dirk will be killed by the beast. Suddenly Todd zips down the same slide, which turns out to be one-way, and repels the beast thanks to that weird gun they found a few weeks back.
At the same time, Vogel seems to be dying, and the guards are ready to attack him and Amanda. Her hands are suddenly shooting out sparks. Watki seems to be interested. Vogel’s able to absorb the sparks and recovers.
Todd, meanwhile, takes a chance and carries Dirk to the outside void of the house. They wind up back in Bergberg, just outside the house. Todd also sees a vision of Amanda in the cage, although Dirk doesn’t. Amanda also seems to see that vision, but Farson believes it.

Both of these scenes alternate in a very tense four-minute scene that works very well. This is where things will start getting real, and the Bergsberg and Wendimoor story lines will merge. Todd’s vision also reassures Dirk that his odd way of being a detective is still a good thing.

At Blackwing, Ken (Mpho Koaho) is able to decrypt a lot of the floppy discs. Despite what Hugo (Dustin Milligan)) does, Ken has to read what what’s he is trying to decode. Apparently Blackwing was trying to make its own version of the X-Men, but Hugo is afraid of what Priest will do. Ken will calm Hugo down, but it’s really payback for being imprisoned for 70 days. Hopefully Ken will take control and get his friends back.

The gang then ask Panto how he got from Wendimoor to Bergberg. He says he landed somewhere inside the house, near a Murphy Bed. They also discover something behind the wallpaper. It turns out to be drawings of Wendimoor, like the ones drawn at the start of the show. Now, how will they get there?

In Wendimoor, an evil guy with a triangle-shaped helmet says he wants Farson. Amanda and the rest can be killed. However, her hands start glowing again. She’s called a witch, but it doesn’t matter. She shocks the guards and Lord Triangle, and everyone escapes.

Finally, the Mage has a talk with Amanda. He was able to keep Farah and Tina away, and won a wand-off. He talks about how Wendimoor is a happy perfect place with a very deep sneer. He wants to learn about this prophecy, and expects Suzie to help him. She doesn’t want to, saying she just wanted to leave town and she’s really a nice person. He doesn’t believe that (and neither would the Book Club). He tells her she must be his partner in his bid to conquer Wendimoor. After what she’s done, what choice does she have?

John Hannah is clearly having a ball as an evil wizard. It’s quite different than making evil robots last season.

So, when Dirk and his crew enter Wendimoor, they’ll have some problems dealing with this magic land, and the people who rule it. However, the real problem could be the Mage…or even his new partner.

Things could get worse; Mr. Priest could find his way there, too, ready to fire bullets everywhere. Then again, the Mage did give someone in Wendimoor a machine gun last week.

One more thing:  so far there’s only been one boy on the show, Suzie’s angry son Scott (Jared Ager-Foster). If he’s the boy in the prophecy, someone’s in big trouble.

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