This week’s episode features a showdown between Auran and Gorgon, and Maximus overcome by his paranoia and fears he’s not fit to rule Attilan. The episode ends with two deaths (one a big mistake), and the likelihood of leaving Earth behind.



The episode spends more time with Maximus (Iwan Rheon), who’s starting to fear his reign may be over. He has a dream the Royal Family returns, including Karnak (Ken Leung) and Gorgon (Ewe Iwuakor). He tries to explain he wanted a peaceful transfer of power, but Black Bolt won’t hear of it. It appears he’ll have that very destructive word with him…before Maximus wakes up on the throne.

The show gets deeper into Maximus’ insecurities, including a flashback where his fight training with Gorgon doesn’t go well, partially because he’s just human. Gorgon suggests Maximus should be skilled and cunning. That works when Maximus attacks Gorgon with a long pike, and Gorgon admits that was what he had in mind.

Back in the present, Tibor (Ptolemy Slocum) warns of a possible rebellion, but Maximus thinks the people love him.  However, he hasn’t met with the people since episode two. So, he finally gets Bronaja, the Inhuman teen with the gift of prophecy, in his side. He even tells Bronaja (Ari Dalbert) there could be a plot against him, and maybe Tibor, and the only Genetic Council member left, are behind it. He says he’s taking over just to prove to everyone, including himself, that just because he didn’t develop powers doesn’t mean he’s worthless. It would have been better if he helped the non-Inhumans come to that conclusion, but he’s obsessed with his family. That’s why he mutters, “They always underestimate me.”

He recruits some non-humans to assist Auran, led by Loyalis (Aaron Hendry), Bronaja’s dad. As they leave through Eldrac, the Complaining Wall, to head to Earth, Bronaja gets a vision of Maximus and Tibor talking. He’s not really sure what they were talking about, and it may be a sign Bronaja saw a vision Maximus wouldn’t like.

Meanwhile, it looks like the Earth-bound story lines are about to end. First, Audrey (Liv Hewson) seems to be jealous of Crystal taking Dave (Chad Buchanan), the ex-boyfriend. She even wonders if Crystal should be on a registry because she’s alien (a nod to Captain America Civil War). Crystal quickly turns Audrey’s phone into a burning phone. Pairing off Crystal with Dave is the worst story line because it reduces her potential as a character. Adding a jealous ex-girlfriend is even worse.

Then there’s Louise (Ellen Woglom), who is barely in the show. She helps Black Bolt (Anson Mount) and Medusa (Serinda Swan) look for Crystal, mainly due to the energy bursts they release when they traveled from the Moon. However, Louise is a little bad with maps. Also, when Medusa explains Attilan had to go to the Moon centuries ago because humans hated them, Louise tries to defend her species. What could have been an interesting discussion is suddenly stopped, and that’s a mistake.

Medusa and Black Bolt also run into problems themselves over what to do with Maximus when they return. She tries to speak for both of them, which is why it’s unclear what they should do, and how he feels about it. It seems he’s worried he’ll be as strict and unforgiving as his dad, and there’s also the fact he banished her parents. She insists Maximus still have a fair trial after what he’s done. It’s also a signal the Royal Couple may be headed for trouble, maybe because of how they’ve treated non-Inhumans like Maximus.

They do find Crystal, thanks to lightning she emits that takes a long time to notice. She shares a good-bye kiss with Dave, but it’s not quite over yet. Audrey almost exposes them to the cops, but the Royal Family leave in time.


Karnak and Gorgon learn Auran has Declan (Henry Ian Cusick) and Sammy (Faleolo Alailima), and she says she’ll release them if Black Bolt surrenders. Karnak wonders if he can handle it because his ability to analyze situations is still impaired, while Gorgon is still kind of wreckless.

However, Gorgon tells him to pretend his ability is still intact.

Sure enough, it works. Karnak is able to taunt Mordis into trapping him. Also he’s able to quickly knock out Loyalis, who he recognizes from the terrigenesis ceremony from the opener. The other non-Inhumans are also subdued.

Auran and Gorgon have their battle, but it ends with him almost stomping her head. It’s too bad the angle of his foot barely over her head doesn’t really show how close she was to death. It should have been his hoof.

Meanwhile, Declan asks who Maximus is, since he paid for his research. He is surprised to learn the truth, but the doc will still play a role, since his knowledge is needed for Maximus’ wish to be Inhuman by any means. Sammy, though, is written out with the confidence he’s not a a freak after all. Declan also warns Auran her healing powers are fading, but she ignores him.

Then comes the show’s biggest mistake: Mordis (Bridger Medina) seems to be ready to blow up with lab, and Gorgon tries to stop him. He stomps on the ground, and the whole building caves in. Both of them die.

Gorgon’s death may have been done to artificially raise the stakes, and make the audience think that no one is safe. The show will lose a lot because it wasn’t necessary. If he was just injured, it would have been all right.

By the way, will the show reveal if Triton survived being attacked in the opener?

The show then jumps suddenly to Maximus killing Tibor and other people who apparently were planning a revolt. He yells, “Do you think I’m a stupid human?” It really shows he’s a misguided man who is afraid his plans will collapse.

You have to feel for Bronaja, though. Whatever vision he had may have caused all this, and how Maximus “baptizes” him with Tibor’s blood and orders him to say “Long Live King Maximus”.  He’s now an accomplice in all this.

Next week, a family reunion occurs in Attilan, and it’s uncertain who will survive.

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