The three main stories for this season are finally starting to connect as Panto of Wendimoor arrives at Bergsberg, while Blackwing tries to bring back Amanda and Vogel, if a totally insane mercenary doesn’t kill them first. Meanwhile, Suzie makes some bad decisions, and the fancy English guy finally reveals himself….but what’s wrong with Dirk?




Once again, the episode starts at Wendimoor, where a major war may be close. Jeppum, the head of the Trost clan (David Allen Pearson), thinks the Dengdamors captured Panto (Christopher Russell) while the Dengdamoors think the Trosts kidnapped Silas’ brother. Litzibitz, Panto’s sister (Anja Savcic) thinks everyone should relax but she’s ignored. Jeppum vows to wipe out the Dengdamors with a new weapon provided by the Mage….a machine gun.

WHAT? Blackwing’s involved?

Actually, Panto’s in Bergsberg hoping to find Dirk (Samuel Barnett) as part of some prophecy that apparently no one believes. Dirk and his crew are also there, given new clothes by Sheriff Hobbs (Tyler Labine). Farah (Jade Eshete) also investigates part of the tree where Hector Cardenas died 50 years before. It seems he died before he was “inserted” and two of his fingers were broken. For some reason, Dirk is a little reluctant to get involved. He’s afraid his “everything is connected” mantra is only putting his friends in danger. For all he knows, Amanda may be dead.

She isn’t, of course. She (Hannah Marks) and Vogel (Osric Chau) are headed to Bergsberg, tailed by Blackwing assassin Mr. Priest (Alan Tudyk). Armed with way too many guns, he’s told to capture them, but he could mistake that order as “kill with extreme prejudice”.

Aside from failing to control Priest, Hugo (Dustin Millign) wants to decipher old Blackwing files that are on floppy discs. He has only one option:  Ken (Mpho Koaho), who is good with computers. At least finally Ken will have an edge over this clueless Millennial after being shocked for 70 days.

Back at Bergsberg, Bart (Fiona Dourif) surprisingly shows up after she disappeared outside Suzie Barton’s house thanks to a magic wand. Bart says she fell into a hole, and it took her a while to get back…and she wonders where Ken is. You almost wish she’d find Blackwing, but she’ll likely find him somewhere else. Anyway, Bart also describes Suzie Boreton (Amanda Walsh) and how she used this wand. Farah and Deputy Tina (Izzie Steele) go to investigate, along with Todd (Elijah Wood) and Dirk.

They find Suzie’s husband Bob, still a catatonic slave. He almost shoots Dirk before Todd stops him. He’s also upset Hobbs and Tina don’t seem to remember they’re cops, and should act that way. They hear about how Panto was almost hit by Scott (Suzie’s son), because Scott practically confesses by calling them on the phone. At the accident scene, they do find Panto, who demands answers to questions they don’t understand. Tina fires some warning shots in a fit of panic, then he fights back pretty well, even against Farah. Still, Farah knocks him out, and he eventually explains why he’s in Bergsberg. No one understands a word…except “find the boy” and “Dirk Gently”.

This upsets Dirk because he doesn’t understand why he’s in the middle of all this. He thought when he escaped from Blackwing things would better or even calmer. Todd tells him to take control of the situation rather than let the universe push him around. This shows a nice reversal, where Todd believes in the “everything is connected” idea more than Dirk.

While this is happening, Suzie visits the local bridge club, who is not happy to see her. They talk about TV shows more than books. She wonders why they don’t notice how she’s changed. The members would rather tell her why she’s not welcome. They even recount what they did to each other in high school, and how Suzie injured her hip because she crashed her car after taking Xanax. She winds up unleashing her fury with her magic wand. It’s not shown what she did, but it was probably bad.

When she gets home, her son Scott (loudly) demands his phone, and she realizes her dead boss still has it. She heads to her car to find the body, but eventually finds that English guy (John Hannah) who killed him. She also sees him using his own wand to literally erase the evidence. Yes, the guy is the Mage, and he wants her wand. He doesn’t get it, but it’s not over. Her magic abuse didn’t improve her life at all, and may be more over her head than Hugo.

Amanda and Vogel do reach Bergsberg, and even find Todd’s motel room. However, Priest traps them, and suggests they surrender quietly or he’ll take deadly measures. Hugo’s seeing all this from Blackwing, and it shows how irrelevant he is to everything. He’s terrified his bosses will find out he has no idea what he’s doing. Then again, how did he get this job, and should we blame his bosses for letting this happen?

While Vogel is panicking, Amanda swears that something will happen that will let them escape, because her visions said it would. He gets out, and Priest breaks his fingers because he can. Amanda tosses a rock at Priest’s head, and Vogel winds up feeding on him. Both Vogel and Amanda wind up trapped in a bathroom, as Priest fires dozens of bullets. It looks like Amanda and Vogel are doomed.

However, when Priest busts open the bathroom door, they disappeared…but to where?

What does Priest say to that? “It’s gonna be a wild one.”

Actually, this season has been a wild one, and it’s only the beginning. Next week, Amanda and Vogel find themselves in a strange land, while Dirk also finds himself somewhere strange.

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