This year’s Comic-Con in San Diego is where the 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi, will make a major appearance to close out the week. He’ll be at Hall H on Sunday, July 23rd.

If you happen to be there, you can show your support by buying many new souvenirs at the BBC America booth, #4129 at the Exhibit Hall. It’s safe to say you’ll wish you had a wallet that is much bigger on the inside to pay for all these items.

Most of the souvenirs are Doctor Who based, but there are a few from the Sherlock series, too. Here are some highlights plus prices…

Here’s a shirt with the Doctors of the 21st Century in kawaii forms. This shirt is available for $25, and a grey hoodie featuring all of the Doctors for $50







Here’s a “Spacetime tour” t-shirt that shows (nearly) all the places the Doctor has been, for $25 and a travel mug for $20:

Also, a “Rainbow TARDIS” hoodie and shirt with an excellent design. The hoodie is $50, the shirt is $25:

This, meanwhile, is a wonderful crystal carving with the 12th Doctor inside. It’s $100, and major fans would be interested:

For those who miss Clara, who at least is traveling with Ashildr in their own TARDIS cafe, this is a very special TARDIS tribute to her for $15

There’s also a very big mug that measures 64 ounces for $20. This item sold out last year:

There’s also TARDIS jewelry, Dalek toys, sonic screwdrivers, socks and Funko Pop figures from Doctor Who, Orphan Black and Sherlock at $10 a pop.

There’s also a Sherlock skull t-shirt for $25 and a Union Jack hoodie for $50. The shirt is shown below:

It’s quite a selection, and the BBC America shop could be one of the busiest places at San Diego Comic-Con this year.

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