The month of June has been a wonder, especially for….well, you know.

After two misfires, Warner Brothers and DC Comics finally came up with a classic movie in Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine. It set lots of records, including the highest grossing movie directed by a woman, at more than 700 million dollars. Not too bad, considering at least one movie website didn’t think it would do well.

This raises the question:  What have you got, Marvel?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has presented a lot of exceptional heroines over the years, including Black Widow, Gamora, Scarlet Witch, Sif, Ms. Marvel in animation, several Agents of SHIELD, and Peggy Carter. However, they’ve all been parts of teams, not a solo heroine. It will have Captain Marvel in 2019 with Brie Lawson, and Ant-Man and the Wasp with Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly next year. Still, it is a long wait.

However, the TV side has done a better job with making solo heroine projects. ABC gave us two years of Agent Carter with Hayley Atwell, after appearing in the first Captain America movie, a one-shot film and cameos on Agents of SHIELD and even Ant-Man. There are a lot of fans who would like to bring her back to oversee the official creation of SHIELD.

Netflix has also done its part with Jessica Jones, the story of a private eye who claims she can’t be the hero people think she can be. She had to escape the grip of a very compelling character named Kilgrave, and did it in a drastic way. Krysten Ritter’s performance as Jessica earned the show a Peabody Award. She’ll be seen in Defenders next month as someone who has no confidence that a super-hero team can work, especially with her as a member. Afterwards, she’ll have a new series sometime next year, where she’ll battle a new villain and deal with fame she doesn’t want. Hopefully, Defenders will give her a chance to mend fences with Luke Cage.

So, if DC fans look at Marvel and ask where its heroines are, they’ll be told they’re definitely around, if they take a good look. And the wait for a heroine taking the spotlight, on TV or the theater, will be shorter than they think.

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