riff-daredevilWhen Marvel decided to create a different type of super-hero TV show on Netflix with Daredevil, people were surprised and pleased with its gritty and dark style. That famous fight in the second episode is still talked about as one of the most creative fight scenes on TV.

However, not everyone is impressed. Rifftrax took on the first episode, and mainly complained on the lack of action and lighting. Then again, maybe the crew still has scars from dealing with the Ben Affleck version in 2003 (Having Colin Farrell as Bullseye didn’t make it easier, either).

The first episode has the famous origin story, followed by Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson trying to get their practice off the ground with their first client, Karen Page, who was accused of stabbing a coworker. Looking back at that episode, I forgot how creepy and ruthless James Wesley, Wilson Fisk’s lawyer, was. It’s still stunning what eventually happened to him, and how far Page has come after two seasons.

Anyway, it looks like the Rifftrax crew of Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett had their doubts about Charlie Cox as Daredevil. When he hits a thug, it’s described as “I’m feeling like I got hit by an Avenger with a much smaller budget”. They also harped a lot on how nerdy Foggy was, but this was way before the series showed he was more than that.

Some other riffs:  

Karen describes her job at the construction firm, and how she suspected her boss of “embezzling or something”
I majored in “embezzling or something” at Trump University.

Leland (the head of the firm):  I think what Anatoly is trying to say is…
To stop yammering and do something interesting.

A  flashback where young Matt is feeling his father’s face after a boxing match
Pop, you’re leaking oil.

Karen walking in the rain in Hell’s Kitchen
Hell’s Kitchen, where rainfall is 73% more than the rest of Manhattan.

Some of Madame Gao’s men look over blueprints, or are they?
That’s his advanced copy of The Winds of Winter.

There’s also riffs on Zack Snyder, Law and Order, Shawshank Redemption, Steven Van Zant and Aerosmith.

The Daredevil riff is now available at the website, plus riffs on Marvel movies including The Avengers, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger and others. They’ve also taken on the first episode of The Walking Dead, and will be headed to Jurassic World (and complain about running away from raptors in heels) later this month.

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