Hanna is pretty convinced that Noel is A.D. No one can tell her otherwise. He may be pretty suspicious, but that doesn’t mean he’s Uber A. None of the other Liars are convinced it’s him, yet. But, Hanna will find out, one way or another.

***** Spoilers Below *****

Who was Hanna talking to and what is she planning on doing? She’s making a video in next week’s preview that may mean what she’s up to could get her killed. I’m very, very worried about her. Hanna tends to follow her heart and not her head. This has gotten her into trouble more than once.

TROIAN BELLISARIO, LUCY HALEWe almost had a Haleb kiss because of whatever Hanna is doing. She gave Caleb a big hug and then there was a moment, that I’m sure, she was thinking about kissing him. I’m surprised she didn’t. But, maybe if she kissed him, she wouldn’t have stopped.

Since the beginning was all a dream, thankfully, with Caleb getting run over, does that mean Noel didn’t push that girl at the party? I thought we had gotten an answer from that night. I guess not. I’m sure in Hanna’s head, that’s exactly what happened.

We didn’t really come close to proving if ‘A’ is Noel or not. The child was put into child services and never heard of again. So that’s another dead end.

Not sure who wrote in Noel’s file. We’ve been given clues in the past and then found out it was wrong. There really is no trusting ‘A’.

In the midst of all the ‘A’ drama, I’m more torn up about Ezria. I was so wrapped up in the proposal and then the upcoming wedding, and now, who knows if any of it is going to happen. That dress is gorgeous. I hope we get to actually see Aria in it.

SHAY MITCHELL, SASHA PIETERSEI wish Aria had just told Ezra the truth about Nicole calling. She told him about burying Archer, which I think is much, much worse. But I get it. I’m terrified for the fate of Ezria too.

I couldn’t hold back the tears as I watched Aria’s face as Ezra walked away. These two are just breaking my heart.

I’m not sure if I’m hoping Nicole is alive or not. If she’s not alive, then Ezra is going through all of this again. If she is alive, is Ezria over?

None of the PLL couples are in a good place right now and it’s just awful.

Well, Emily and Ali are getting close again. Not that I’m a fan of this couple. I was very excited when Paige and Emily were reunited. I was even more excited when I found out they were together at Stanford. It doesn’t surprise me that Em’s father’s death was the cause of their break-up. She’s doing much better now, though.

It sucks that Paige lost her Olympic dream, but maybe that puts them on even playing field now. I’m sure when Em couldn’t swim anymore, that made it really difficult for them. Especially when Paige was trying to get to the Olympics.

Through Hanna’s stubbornness and the relationship drama, The Grunwald made an appearance. I was never really a fan of her’s. It just doesn’t mesh with the rest of the show. Granted, in reality, not much of this could actually happen, but at least it’s somewhat grounded in reality. The Grundwald’s entrance has made Hanna go off the grid and I’m afraid she’s going to get herself in the biggest mess yet.

What do you think Hanna is going to do? Do you think Ezria will survive? Let me know in the comments.

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