For those who enjoy Halloween, costuming, cosplay and socializing, ScareLA is the place to go.

ScareLA logoOriginally started as a 1-day event for regular folk who wanted to prepare for Halloween, it has grown into a weekend convention helScareLA 2016 - 3d at the Pasadena Convention Center for both pro and non-professionals every August.  There are attendees who cosplay and make costumes during the year who come to show their skills.  Exhibitors and vendors demonstrated products for turning your home into a haunt, costumes (both fun and realistic) and amazing makeup and prosthetics to turn you from human to inhuman.  There are classes taught by professionals to attendees of all experience levels.  And the Hollywood Horror and Sci-Fi Museum displayed, hosted by Huston Huddleston.

ScareLA 2016 - 2I attend ScareLa to photograph the amazing work done by the exhibitors and attendees, it’s like a mini comic con.  So join me as I walk you through some of what you missed by not being there.  And if you were and you see yourself in any photos here or on my page where many photos are, please let me know in the comment section below.





Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) was Official Host of ScareLA.

Elvira aka Cassandra Peterson - ScareLA 2016

Can you find Elvira among the Elviras?  And if you were at Whedonopolis 2016 aka WhedonCon last May, can you find Horror Hostess Azrael Renea?

Elvira with others

Three times a day “The Decayed Brigade” sliders performed.

Decade Brigade 1 - ScareLA 2016 Decade Brigade 2 - ScareLA 2016






Even Jorge Garcia (Lost) came as a regular attendee.

Jorge Garcia - ScareLA 2016

Brooke Lewis, known for horror films such as Lazarus: Apocalypse, MS Vampy’s Love Bites and Starship: Apocalypse

Brooke Lewis - ScareLA 2016

ScareLA 5

ScareLA 2016 - 6

ScareLA 2016 - 4



Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick of InSync were there to promote SyFy’s film Dead 7” and signing autographs. Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick-NSYNC - ScareLA 2016

Every year ScareLA gives back to the community at large by hosting charity, fan and rescue groups.  This included the Southern California Herpetology Association and Rescue which had an amazing display of reptiles to educate the public. (due to crowds around them I couldn’t get a good photo, so here is one from their Facebook page) ScareLA 2016 - Southern California Herpetology Association and Rescue

Whedonopolis had a presence there too, promoting our newest charity event WhedonCon 2017 along with our parent organization Fandom Charities. 

For many more photos of the weekend click over to
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