Another roller coaster of an episode with one last goodbye before the war really begins.

*******Spoilers Below ****

I really wish that someone told Marcel that Klaus had nothing to do with sacrificing Davina. Yes, the Mikaelsons still played a hand in her death, but Klaus did not. Klaus wanted to find another way. Klaus was trying to reason with Marcel and Elijah played right into his hands. Elijah has become Klaus and Klaus has actually gained a soul.

OR321a_0134rKlaus has come a very long way since he left Mystic Falls. He was one of the best villains ever on The Vampire Diaries, but in The Originals, Cami has helped him grow. Elijah on the other hand has gone the other way. It’s hard to identify where his turning point was. He’s always done anything to protect his family, but this was different. He was so terrified for his life, he actually got played by Marcel.

I still say Marcel needs to know that Klaus didn’t want to sacrifice Davina and he needs to know how much Klaus is hurting right now. Klaus is the one that was family to him, not Elijah. He needs to know that the one he is most mad at didn’t betray him. Elijah and Freya got themselves into this mess. If they weren’t so concerned about themselves, they might have been able to escape the prophecy. Instead, they are forcing it to play out.

OR321a_0114rI wasn’t sure how exactly Vincent was going to stop the ancestors, but I knew he was going to try. I thought he would need help and I guess he did have some, Davina. She finally got her payback for everything the ancestors did to her and Kol. And we got one last goodbye.

I will miss Davina. She’s always been such a powerful character. She was more powerful than most witches and she always cared deeply for the ones she loved. It hasn’t been easy battling it out with the Mikaelsons, sometimes being allies, sometimes enemies. Kol’s words were the best possible way to say goodbye to such an amazing character. She was ripped away from us way too soon, at least she got a proper goodbye.

Klaus has trained Marcel very well and he outsmarted the Mikaelsons. I couldn’t believe that Marcel was actually dead. That would have been three characters in three episodes. That’s even a bit much for Julie Plec. I kept waiting for him to wake up, but all we got was Klaus mourning. He finally woke up and has truly surpassed his master and not just because he took the serum because he fooled the Mikaelsons and pushed Elijah to kill him.

I’m not happy with Elijah right now, but I kind of like the layers we are seeing from him. It’s a different look for him. Is now the right time for him and Hayley to get together? I’ve been waiting for this for so long and now I feel like Elijah has a lot of soul searching to do. This prophecy is playing out because of him and Freya, not Klaus, for a change. While Klaus has done some horrible things, this isn’t on him and he’s actually trying to do better. 

Klaus is being very noble by taking the blame for it too, but it’s not his fault.

Do you think Marcel will kill one of the Originals in the season finale? Do you think Elijah can get back to who he was? Let me know in the comments below.

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