Is anyone feeling major #Haleb vibes after this episode? Could there be hope for this original Pretty Little Liars couple?

                                                               ***** Spoilers Below *****

The liars had fallen back into old habits with the a new ‘A’ attacking them, but not anymore. They are done with playing defense and they are over being tortured again. This time they are fighting back, but is Haleb’s plan crazy? I think it’s crazy and could end very badly.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 1.26.17 PMHanna once tried to confess to murder when her mother was being framed, but Mona stepped in to save the day before she could make a major mistake. Back then Hanna was never going to get away with it, but today, she easily could. It was very believable when she was confessing to Spencer, but I still knew she didn’t actually kill Charlotte.

How far will she take this plan? What if the police hear and she ends up being questioned by the police? Murder is not really a safe thing to confess to, even if it is to shut ‘A’ down. I feel like this is just going to blow up in her face.

I’m not sure the liars are all on board with this plan either, but they won’t let one of them doing anything stupid alone. They are a team after all.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 8.55.23 PMSpencer’s issue with the plan probably goes deeper than just how outrageous the plan is. This is reuniting Haleb and Hanna has already proven that she’s not okay with Caleb and Spencer and probably still has feelings for him.

It’s great seeing these two back in action. Spence was right, even they didn’t back them, Haleb would just do it by themselves. Will this reignite a spark between them?

I do like that the texts are on screen now, but I don’t like how those numbers came on the screen and then they went to the cell phone tower and then to ‘A’. That was very unnecessary. That was just silly.

Why does ‘A’ have a screensaver of Ms. Hasting’s campaign on their computer? That’s a bit creepy, but I guess it’s no creeper than all those pictures of them in the motel room. It’s just another lair.

Mona is back and I don’t know about you, but I trust her. Ever since she got out of Radley she’s been trying to make it up to the girls, even when she was doing ‘A’’s bidding. Whatever else she’s up to, I think it’s to get to the bottom of the new ‘A’ and help the liars.

We are getting original couples back, even if they aren’t officially couples. Not only did we have a lot of Haleb scenes this week, we had a lot Ezria scenes too. This book writing could get very complicated. If only her boss knew that her former teacher was also her former boyfriend. They have a connection that’s hard to break, but I’m still liking Liam and Aria together. They are just so cute together.

For once, Ali’s accident may have just been an accident. It didn’t look like their was any foul play there, but of course ‘A’ took the opportunity to plant something. But, if all the flowers are from Elliot, how did he get the card. Is anyone suspicious of Elliot?

Are you hoping Haleb will get back together or are you enjoying Spencer and Caleb? What do you think of Haleb’s plan? Will it shut down ‘A’ or just backfire? Let me know in the comments below.

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Freeform.

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