Damon! Damon! Damon! If there’s only one thing you take away from this last episode of The Vampire Diaries it’s that Damon is just unbelievably gorgeous and how could anyone not love him?




TVD-EPPREVIEW-606-TheMoreYouIgnoreMeTheCloserIGet-final_a7a69793b_CWtv_720x400Damon’s back! Hallelujah! There’s just one small problem, Elena is still compelled not to remember that she ever loved the sexy Salvatore brother and doesn’t want Alaric to compel her to remember. Even with this in mind, Damon still goes to see his girlfriend, although she is not so inclined to see him and refuses to open her dorm room door. This was an intense moment as Elena contemplated opening the door but ultimately bolted out the window as Damon entered the room.

Despite her initial cold shoulder routine, Damon sticks around and even draws himself into one of her photos as a stick figure, which was the funniest part of the episode. As Damon waits for Elena, Jeremy walks in, still unbearably depressed that Bonnie did not come back, too. In order to keep the little Gilbert from freaking out Damon tells him that Bonnie wasn’t with him when he came back because she found peace, which we all know is a complete lie.

vampire-diaries-recap_612x380Meanwhile, Elena confronts doctor Jo as to why the compulsion Alaric tried on her didn’t work and as it turns out the good doctor is actually a witch. More than that, she is more than happy and willing to try to make things work with Alaric. I wish we could say the same for Elena and Damon.

Unfortunately, Tripp the Vampire Hunter found Caroline’s number on vampire Ivy’s phone and heads over to Caroline and Elena’s dorm room. When Elena finally calls to tell Damon they should meet, the vampire hunter and his lackeys have found our favorite vampire and taken him to his van of death, heading right for Mystic Falls. Stefan and Caroline work together with Elena and Alaric to make sure that the van does not cross the boarder. Of course, their plan goes array when the van flips and lands just past the Mystic Falls border with Damon, Enzo and Alaric caught on the side of the town they do not want to be on.

The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I GetStefan is forced to cross the boarder and save his brother and Enzo in the nick of time, but Alaric is still left dying. Doctor Jo, who followed him, begins to use her medical school skills and saves his life after the magic had already been stripped away. This means, you guessed it, Alaric Saltzman is human again…woo hoo, right? Well yes and no. It’s great for him, but terrible for Elena who decided she wanted him to compel her to remember Damon again.

Nonetheless our favorite vampiric couple finally comes face-to-face in the final few seconds of the episode leaving us to wonder what is going to happen? Will their eyes meet and their love rekindle itself or will Elena continue to block out what we already know to be true…she is in love with Damon.

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