We saw as Mystical Falls fell into chaos and now we’ve caught up with the flash forwards, but maybe everything isn’t as different as we originally thought.

***** Spoilers Below *****

I hated when we found out that Caroline and Stefan weren’t together in the future, but circumstances changed their relationship, not their feelings.

VD715a_0041bStefan did what he always does. He protected the people he loves. He was right to let her go. She finally had a chance at a normal life and he couldn’t jeopardize the babies just to be with her. It was a heartbreaking moment, but I love it for their story. I still have hope that they will find their way back to each other.

Poor Stefan lost his brother, was thrown out of his town and let go of his girlfriend all in one night. It’s no wonder he and Valarie rekindled their romance, all they had was each other.

I understand Damon’s decision. It was partly selfish, but it was also for the people he loves. He couldn’t handle the pain and we all know how he lashes out. That puts everyone he loves in jeopardy. I wish he was stronger than that, but he isn’t.

It was hard to watch Bonnie say goodbye to Damon, but she should know that they are friends. If they weren’t, he would have killed her to get Elena back and he didn’t, he saved her again and again. But just having a best friend isn’t going to take the pain away of losing Elena.

Think about what Elena did when she lost Damon. She erased all of her memories of Damon so she couldn’t feel the pain. So I think Damon made the right choice as hard as that may have been for everyone else. They really are a lot safer with him out of the picture. He screws up again and again and everyone else has to come to his rescue.

He did do one good thing before he left. He took care of the huntress the best he could. Sure, he could have stuck around for a more permanent solution.

It couldn’t be as easy as just killing her until her lives are up, could it? No, it had to be more complicated than that. Stefan is no longer sired to Klaus, but now he has to worry about the huntress dying.

After three years of being asleep, Damon is back to saving Stefan. He wants to transfer the mark on to himself, but what about Elena? He can’t die before she comes back. Damon has had some stupid plans sometimes. There’s got to be another way.

Now that we have come full circle and know how Steroline was torn apart, did Stefan say goodbye or did he just vanish? She seems pretty mad at him, so there’s has to be more to the story.

Bonnie seems to have fallen apart after Damon left, but how far did she fall?

Matt took a stand against vampires, but that still doesn’t explain how he started working with the huntress and how he lost his girl. There are still unanswered questions, but we have reached the strange world that Julie Plec teased from the beginning. After seeing everything, this new place doesn’t seem so strange anymore, just heartbreaking.

Do you think Stefan said goodbye to Caroline or just left? What do you think of Damon’s plan? Do you think there should be another way? Let me know in the comments below.

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