We were warned that things would move fast in Rosewood this time and the writers weren’t kidding! So much happened this episode and we still had time for a little flash back.

***** Spoilers Below *****

Last week I said that maybe Aria and Emily would get framed for murder this time around. Aria may not have been framed for murder, yet, but she was called in for a line-up and now she’s waiting to see what Tanner does next.

CcgeqRbWoAEls_tIf only that was the worst thing that happened to Aria in this episode. She was burned by a smart fireplace during Hanna’s shower. (Lucas’ house is so smart, no one can figure out how to work it.) She was so close to telling Ezra that ‘A’ was back, but she chose to stay quiet.

I hate it when they mess with my Aria, at least she didn’t get too badly hurt.

Spencer decided to tell Toby the truth. I completely understand why Toby was so mad. It is unbelievable that Caleb would do something like that. It’s totally like him to take the fall, though.

For us it hasn’t been that long since we said goodbye to ‘A’, but for the liars it’s been years. I can’t imagine how it feels to them, to have it all happening again. I almost feel like we needed a bigger break to really feel that too.

Last week we got to see Hanna and Caleb fall apart and this week we saw the downfall of Spencer and Toby. It was pretty much the same thing, only Spence had a pregnancy scare. The scare just brought their problems to the surface.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 9.49.17 PMIt’s hard when you’re in college to keep your high school romance going, even if you are these great couples.

It was heartbreaking to see Spencer like that. She’s the last person you would expect to have a scare like that. Toby wanted to talk about what they would do and Spence was just freaking out. Can you blame her? She’s ambitious and an unwanted pregnancy was never in the plan.

If it wasn’t already clear, Hanna is still in love with Caleb and Jordan is not the right guy for her. No one could answer a single question of their relationship. If we played a game of Haleb, we would be able to answer all of those questions. Does Hanna not see this? Why is she marrying this guy? Why didn’t she just go back to Caleb before it was too late?

Each week we get a little deja vu and it happened again. I don’t know how, but Mona has been sucked into ‘A”s game, yet again. Why after she gave up the game is she always the puppet? What does this new ‘A’ have on her? Does she have any idea who this new ‘A’ is?

Through all the craziness of the episode, Aira is going to be a published writer, a co-author with Ezra. Fate just keeps bring them back together. I really like Liam, though. I really don’t know who I want her to end up with anymore. I’m really enjoying her scenes with Ezra, though, so I still clearly ship them.

How do you think Mona ended up working for ‘A’ this time? Do you think Hanna knows that Jordan isn’t the right guy for her? Let me know in the comments below.


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