Agent Carter logoThis can’t be the end.

Not because of Peggy’s final decision of the season, but what happened afterwards.
Besides, shouldn’t she be opening SHIELD with Howard Stark?

Despite the fact that the show hasn’t been generating a lot of viewers compared to Agents of SHIELD, and that ABC didn’t promote the season finale during the Oscars, Twitter and Facebook fans have been demanding Peggy Carter’s story continue for at least one more year, but preferably a lot longer than that. Even Variety had a story that demands her return next year.

Peggy Carter is a superhero, a woman who defies the definition of the typical woman of the 1940’s and is an excellent law enforcer. She’s a great example to us all, and one great gal to hang around with.

But let’s get to what happened in the season two finale:
Just before Dr. Wilkes (Reggie Austin) seemed to have exploded from the zero matter inside him, Jack Thompson was about to blow up Whitney Frost’s facility. Peggy apparently was ready to shoot him, too…and was very serious about it. The explosion, though, made that a moot point. Surprisingly, Wilkes survived and is back to normal. Frost (Wynn Everett), though, has absorbed the zero matter, which Wilkes says could infect our world and cause major damage.Agent Carter Hollywood Ending A
She’s about to threaten Peggy and her crew when she’s hit by a car…driven by Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper). It doesn’t phase her, though.

Stark thinks something should be done, aside from him researching zero matter and maybe making a profit from it. He gets a surprising ally in Joe Manfredi (Ken Marino), who is as love struck as he is ruthless. He just wants his Whitney back, and he’ll even hold Jarvis hostage (for a minute or two). He’s able to get Whitney out of her lab long enough for Peggy and Souza to take photos of her designs, thanks to faking a serious interrogation that may have revealed something he didn’t expect.

Stark, Wilkes and Samberly (Matt Braunger) get together to come up with a machine to cause another rift to get rid of the zero matter and seal it. While that’s happening, Jarvis tells Peggy that Ana (Lotte Verbeek) is recovering, and did weep when she learned the bullet wounds she got two weeks ago means she’ll never bear children. However, he Agent Carter Hollywood Ending Dmarvels at his wife, and how she’s stronger than him. Peggy, though, thinks Jarvis is much stronger than he knows. He is the other reason this show should continue.

Also, Peggy does something she’s always wanted to do: tell Jack to go get them dinner. While he’s doing that, he looks into Vernon Masters’ suitcase and sees that suspicious file that seems to suggest Peggy (aka M. Carter) may have done something wrong in the war. He also finds the Arena Club pin Dottie wanted several weeks ago. He sees it’s also a key. Say, he can really cause problems for Peggy, but he doesn’t. He gives the pin to Peggy. There’s hope for him yet.

The final showdown happens at Stark’s movie lot. As soon as the rift opens, Frost heads out there. The zero matter inside her is sucked out, but they’re not able to close the rift with the gamma cannon. They have to manually turn off the rift generator, which is close to the rift. Daniel decides to do it, and he and everyone else get close to being sucked in. However, Jarvis saves the day by blowing it up with Howard’s Hover Car.

So, Whitney is in custody, thinking about what might have been. It’s a little surprising that she survived to the end, but she’ll be remembered as a complex villain who only got this way because she wanted more power than a woman was allowed to have back then.  There’s always a chance someone in the government will use her scientific skills, maybe not for the better.

Peggy says goodbye to Wilkes, who will now be Agent Carter Hollywood Ending Fworking with Stark at a new facility in Malibu. She also says goodbye to Ana, and on good terms. She is all set to head back to New York. After all, what reason could keep her in Los Angeles?

Well, a reason….named Daniel Souza…tells her how reckless she has been though the whole case, especially when it came to trying to save Wilkes and Souza. He would have complained more, but he’s too busy kissing her.

Yes, it looks like Daniel might wind up being Mr. Peggy Carter after all. That’s our Hollywood Ending.

Not quite, though. As Jack is heading back to New York, a visitor arrives. Whoever it is shoots him, and takes the file. Does that mean it’s the end for Jack Thompson?

Well, co-showrunner Michele Fasekas had this tweet just after the show ended:

LISTEN TO ME:  he’s shot. That’s all you saw. Don’t assume ANYTHING #AgentCarter.

Agent Carter Hollywood Ending ENot only that, there’s speculation “M. Carter” in the file isn’t Margaret Carter….but Michael. Hayley Atwell even hinted as much when she told Entertainment Weekly she got the inside scoop from James D’Arcy who tried to get the writers to give him a few hints. If it turns out her brother is alive, she will be stunned and also very upset. Maybe he was the guy who shot Jack.

Does that mean next season will revisit the Arena Club and Council of Nine, and how it’s actually global rather than based in America? It looks that way, and it may convince Peggy that the world needs something to counter such a group. Maybe, so will Howard.

If ABC doesn’t think that’s a story worth telling, whether it’s over eight episodes or more, then Marvel TV should ask Netflix to do it.

It can’t end this way. America needs Peggy Carter. So should ABC.

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