Thanksgiving was never going to be a festive holiday at the Mikaelson’s, but this was more than we could have have hoped for.

******* Spoilers Below***********

Elijah got into the holiday spirit by plotting against their sires. He invited them for dinner to tear them apart, but plans didn’t really go so well. I guess that depends on how you look at it, it went horribly wrong for the Mikaelsons, but it’s leading us down a crazy, good path.

OR307b_0424bThe Originals just keeps getting better. This is the shows’ best season yet with the past coming back to haunt our favorite originals.

Klaus thinks they stopped the prophecy, but we see that the prophecy is actually starting to unfold. Should we be worried?

Lucien, Aurora and Tristan are quite like the vampires who sired them. They’re pretty close, but they do look out for themselves. Elijah and Klaus tried, but they just couldn’t break these three apart.

I loved watching Hayley and Freya working together to save Rebekah. It was nice having three women in one room together. Aurora is crazy, but she’s also devious. She’s made insurances. She doesn’t know where Rebekah is. She has part of the coordinates and Tristan has the other.

Just how close are these three? I’m sure Tristan and Aurora could happily see Lucien die, but Aurora is not in any hurry to save her brother. Instead she goes after Cami. This is just fighting fire with fire. If Cami thought she was stuck in the middle before, she’s in an even worse state now.

Lets take a moment to enjoy how tough Cami is. I mean she took on that dangerous vampire all by herself and she admitted that Klaus likes her! If only Aurora hadn’t been there to meet her on the elevator. She would have totally got herself out of that mess.

OR307b_0121bWe knew that Klaus cared for Cami, but he may really be in love with her. He is looking pretty worried now that Cami is missing, but I don’t blame him. I’m very worried, too. Aurora is unhinged and can’t be trusted.

So now the hunt for Rebekah has turned into the hunt for Cami. Rebekah will be fine if we pause on her rescue mission, but Cami may not have a lot of time.

I definitely want Hayley and Elijah to get together, but I felt really sad when Jackson walked out on her. It does suck that she missed dinner, but Rebekah needed her help. Like it or not, Hayley is part of the Mikaelson family and there are more than one of them. She wasn’t helping Klaus, she was helping Rebekah.

Rebekah protected Hope, just like Hayley said and Rebekah would do the same for Hayley. If Jackson can’t accept that the Mikaelsons are part of their family for good or bad, he really needs to rethink this relationship.

I have very mixed emotions about him walking out. I should be jumping for joy that he left. This means Hayley can rekindle her romance with Elijah, or at least she could. So why am I sad that Jackson walked out?

OR307b_0335bEven after the horrible holiday the Mikaelsons had, I think Davina had an even worse day. There Marcel goes, saving Davina again. As sweet as it is that Vincent and Marcel went to extreme measures to save her, did they have to?

I mean yes, she is in over her head, but aren’t we all at some point? They didn’t out her from the coven because she wasn’t doing a good job, they did it partly to protect her and partly to get their own way.

Why not let the girl make her own decisions? We have Freya and Hayley tough enough to fight their own battles, why can’t Davina?

She’s young and she has a lot of learning to do, but I have faith in her. Marcel should start having some faith, too. She may be alive, but she’s also all alone now.

Do you think Marcel should have let Davina make her own decision? Do you think the prophecy is starting to unfold? Let me know in the comments below.

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