Okay, we need to talk the Vampire Diaries right now! So much happened it is almost impossible to know where to begin. Let’s start with, this was probably one of the best episodes of the entire series.

500 Years of Solitude


The episode picks up where the last one left off, Katharine is dying and while Stefan has been kind enough to compel the nurses to let her die at his house, the rest of the Mystic Falls gang isn’t quite as quick to be so accommodating. Instead they take to the Salvatore booze cabinet to toast Katharine’s death by reminiscing about all the terrible things she did to them. Of course, the celebration of Katharine’s imminent demise comes with moments of awkwardness as Elena and Damon have come face-to-face for the first time since their tragic break up. One person not so willing to say goodbye to Katharine is her obnoxious daughter, Nadia. She plans on using her body as the traveler to house Katharine for all eternity. She ensures her plan will go off without a hitch by kidnapping Matt and taking Elena and Stefan to an abandoned house full of travelers.

Meanwhile, while searching for Matt, Caroline runs into Klaus who has returned to gloat over Katharine’s demise. After much prodding, the moment many fans have been waiting for came to fruition when Caroline and Klaus finally locked lips! This episode brought out all the stops including one blonde original female coming to Matt’s rescue. Rebekah has returned with her brother to save the day.


Damon and Elena continued to struggle with their break up as Damon continued to take his frustration out on a dying Katharine, who was dreaming of the moment her family was slaughtered by Klaus. The only one to show her even an ounce of respect and peace was, who else, Stefan. His kindness was admirable, but let’s get back to the hot sex that Caroline and Klaus had!

Katharine went though the roll call as Damon continued to mess with her head. She saw Elijah, whom it seemed she actually cared about, Uncle John and of course Aunt Jenna, all of which were Damon in disguise. It was an exciting look back at some of the characters we’ve lost.


However, it was in the final moments of the episode where the “oh my God” moments truly took hold. As Bonnie explained her new status, Vicki returned to tell her brother Matt she was watching over him. This was followed up by the best return ever, Alaric who complained about the booze being near empty. Awkward alert, Tyler’s back… oops!

In the final moments, Elena has a moment of forgiveness with Katharine and injects the deadly morphine. But not before Katharine completes the Traveler’s spell and puts her soul inside of Elena waiting to be awakened by Nadia. Turns out the two crazies had this planned from the start, TWIST! What a way to end their 100th episode!

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