Part of both Arrow and The Flash this season is preparing the viewers for the midseason premiere of Legends of Tomorrow.  Much like Arrow is focusing on Sara Lance, the soon to be White Canary, The Flash’s “Fury of Firestorm” focused on the new Firestorm.  Over the next few months, they will be bringing you some of the main characters that will be in Legends of Tomorrow.


I have been a little under whelmed at the entire second season of The Flash, but when I saw that this week was focusing on Firestorm, I got super excited! Especially knowing that this will be connecting directly to The Legends of Tomorrow.  I know several of us have been wondering how the character was going to be handled when Robbie Amell wasn’t cast for the show, then finding out that Ronnie Raymond was killed in this season’s premiere.  For fans of Firestorm in the comics, we know that there have been all sorts of characters fused to create the Firestorm matrix.  This weeks The Flash delved into how the CW/ DC universe was going to handle that very topic.

Stein DistablizingDr. Martin Stein has been destabilizing since Ronnie’s death because he had no one to fuse with, and this week that became life-threatening for Stein.  Quickly (pun intended), Team Flash found two candidates who they believed could successfully fuse with the doctor creating Firestorm 2.0, and the rest of this episode centered around both candidates, Henry Hewitt   and Jefferson “Jax” Jackson (Franz Drameh).

Hewitt, the best choice on paper, could not only not fuse with a dying Stein, but he ended up being the villain this week. While Jefferson Jackson appeared to be only second best to Hewitt, everything was leading to Jax eventually being chosen to be the second host.  From his back story of a high school athlete wanting to go pro who was physically damaged during the particle explosion to him also protecting Caitlin from a powered and out of control Hewitt, known as ‘Tokamak’ who wanted the Firestorm matrix for his own glory.  Eventually, the new Firestorm 2.0 and Flash team up to defeat Tokamak.  It was really cool toFlash - Fury FS - JaxStein2 watch how Drameh’s performance adds almost a street level hero persona to this Firestorm.  I hope the Jax/Stein Firestorm will be as physical in Legends of Tomorrow as Firestorm 2.0 was in this episode, knocking out Tokamak with a punch, it lends to Jax’s natural athletics, even as he responds well to Stein’s intelligence and wisdom.

Flash - Firestorm JaxStein1One of the few disappointing moments in this episode was when Dr. Stein and Jax leave to join one of the doctor’s comrades in allowing them
to better control and master what the Firestorm matrix is capable of.  Dr. Stein easily has maneuvered himself into being part
of Team Arrow.  It was refreshing to watch him with Caitlin and especially Cisco, and Stein has been helping them fulfill the role of the departed Dr. Wells.

“Fury of Firestorm” is easily the best episode of The Flash this season.  I hope we get more Firestorm 2.0 before Legends of Tomorrow begins early 2016.FlashFirestorm

Remember you can watch new episodes of The Flash on Tuesday nights at 8 pm/ 7 central as well as new episodes of Arrow on Wednesday nights at 8 pm /7 central, whose episodes are again focusing on bringing Sara Lance back to life and her, eventually becoming the White Canary.

Stay tuned to see which Legends are revealed in upcoming episodes of both Arrow & The Flash.

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