Once Upon a Time: A Rock Opera 10-21-2015Join Eugene Powers and Whedonopolis at the screening of Once Upon a Time: A Rock Opera, a fan film based on the original ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

Once Upon a Time: A Rock Opera is a very well written, funny, interactive spoof of ABC’s TV series Once Upon a Time. You’ll see the main characters sing-along in New York City, Storybrooke/Once Upon a Time: A Rock Opera 10-21-2015Maine and the Enchanted Forest. Ursula calls in Emma to find out what happened to a pair of magical shoes. Emma passes out and finds herself in Storybrooke, where the team sings to convince her that she is the Savior of the town and has to rescue them from the Evil queen. From there, it follows the plot line of the original TV series Once a Upon a Time.

For those who haven’t seen the ABC series Once Upon A Time, let me tell you a bit.  OUAT is a fantasy drama about beloved fairytale characters who have been cursed by the Evil Queen and sent to our world with no recollection of who they once were. A “cursed” memory hides their true identity.Once Upon a Time: A Rock Opera 10-21-2015

Once Upon a Time: A Rock Opera 10-21-2015Henry Mills, the boy who was given up for adoption 10 years ago, successfully finds his birth mother Emma Swan and makes her take him back to Storybrooke, Maine where he lives. He tries to convince her that everyone living in the town is a storybook character that has forgotten who they really arOnce Upon a Time: A Rock Opera 10-21-2015e. Henry suspects that his adoptive mother, Regina Mills, is actually the Evil Queen. He believes Emma is the savior who is going to break the curse and bring back the characters happy endings and that Emma’s parents are Prince Charming and Snow White. The story is broken up into two main locations, The Enchanted Forest and Storybrooke.

This was a very well made musical, in line with Rocky Horror, Dr. Horrible, Once More with Feeling and Supernaturals’ 200th episode “Fan Fiction”.  Be prepared for a good time.

The casts consists of:
Erin Stegerman – Emma SwanOnce Upon a Time: A Rock Opera 10-21-2015
Ace Marrero – Hook
Amiee Conn – Regina Mills / Evil Queen
Katie Cofield – Snow White
Vivian Lamolli – Ursula
Mark Whitten – Prince Charming
Jeremiah Peisert – Cruella De Vil
Jay Stephenson – Cogsworth
Lisa Black – Rub / Red
Nikki McKenzie – Vanessa
Justin Lerman – Baelfire
E-Kan Soong – Lumier
Daniel Pierce – Hercules

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