Once again Long Beach Comic Con manages to outdo itself.  Cosplayers were in force, and the workmanship and imagination of the costumes did not disappoint.  Between the panels, exhibitors and cosplayers there was never a boring minute.

This year’s guest list featured Chloe Bennet from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and John Barrowman of Arrow, Doctor Who and Torchwood. Also participating were Nick Brendon of Buffy, Buffy comic artist Cristos Gage , Art Adams, Legendary Comic Artist Longshot, The Uncanny X-Men, Excalibur, X-Factor, Fantastic Four, Hulk and Ari Boyland from Power Rangers   Click here for a list of more talent that attended LBCC this year.

Long Beach 2015 BarrowmanAt Cosplay Corner you could learn how to easily, quickly, and cheaply make an outstanding costume from foam and hot glue and the rags sitting in your closet. In the lobby, the attendees were entertained by a flash mob featuring dancing Obamas, Hillarys, and Bill Clinton.

On exhibit was Nth Degree. They have perfected the technology for printable LEDs. Perfect for an exciting costume or for efficient lighting.

There were many interesting and exciting panels, and what caught this reporter’s eye was the Christopher Pike movie project. A fan film unlike any other fan film, with a fresh takLong Beach 2015 Nicholas Brendone on the Pike/Spock relationship.

Do you like fan cars? There were many fan cars, ranging from the familiar Star Wars and Ghostbusters modifications, to the sportster from The Prisoner. Three KITT cars were there, along with Herbie the Love Bug, and Mach 5.

Long Beach Comic Con is held yearly at the Long Beach Convention Center during the month of September. While this convention is over for this year, please check out their site for next year

This February iLong Beach CC 2015 Christos Gagen the same location will be  Long Beach Expo

Click here to check out attendee and talent photos and let us know if any of them were you or someone you know!

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