I was hoping that with the Dread Doctors being revealed, Scott and his pack would begin to get ahead of these steam punk looking mad scientists.  Instead, this week was a pretty difficult episode for everyone, especially Stiles.

**** Spoilers Below****

 We left Stiles last week being attacked by Donovan.  Tonight started right where we left off. I have to say the first eight minutes was just hard to watch.  I continued to want Malia or Scott to arrive to help Stiles.  I had to actually Google to find out if Stiles had ever had to kill anyone on Teen Wolf.  I personally think Dylan O’Brien owned the first part of this episode.  He convinced me that I was there with Stilinski.  We were with him as he feels the fear, pain, and confusion along with the later guilt and being overwhelmed. I think Dylan showed Stiles in a very vulnerable place that he will be dealing with for several episodes.

TW 5.5 Stiles 1 Even still, Stiles is still Stiles.  He, Scott, Lydia and their friends have a new threat in Beacon Hills and it is their responsibilities to protect those who can’t protect themselves.   I believe Scott’s pack is so used to being the protectors that they, too, have a blind spot.  They don’t see everything going on around them.  The only clue is within a book named, Dread Doctors given to Malia.  This clue quickly leads Lydia and Stiles to join Scott and Kira on a trip to Eichen House because the author of the book turns out to be Dr. Gabriel Valack.  We saw him last in the epilogue of season 4’s finale with Deaton.  Now, I know Lydia caught that Valack was involved, but also the Dread Doctors had Theo walk the pack into Eichen House TW 5.5 Novel Approach Valack 2knowing that is where they wanted them, especially Kira, to be.

Speaking of Theo, he has given us another reason for us to want him hurt.  He started overtly flirting with Malia.  He is going after Stiles girl during the same time that Stilinski is emotionally overwhelmed and she might still be hurting from last week’s episode when no one including Stiles believed her about the Dread Doctors.

TW 5.5 Novel Approach Stiles Lydia 1 I really see Theo as the Dread Doctors vessel in which they use Scott and his friends goodness and powers against themselves.   I believe they knew that Scott can’t help but get involved.  It is the alpha that he is.  The Dread Doctors also used Kira’s powers to allow them to manage entrance to look for more materials in their parascience.  Even Valack wanted Lydia’s power to escape.  Tonight was a rough night for our Beacon Hill favorites.  They were blindsided and used by those they were trying to stop.  This season has become much more of a psychological battle, figuring out who to trust and not being outmaneuvered.  Unfortunately, the team will still have some growing pains before they come back together again.  Speaking of growing pains, did anyone else notice Stile’s face when Scott was talking about how Tracy and the others killed were victims.  How they shouldn’t have died.  We all know that Scott believes every word he is saying, part of this is again who Scott is.  At the same time, look at Stiles and the pain he is going through, even trying to defend his own actions without Scott knowing anything.  Keep an eye on Stiles and Scott.  I believe for the time being, they are going to be traveling down a rocky road together.

TW 5.5 Novel Approach Scott Stiles 1

I would love to hear what your thoughts were about Stiles or the Dread Doctors?   Feel free to share with us on the comments section below.  New episodes of Teen Wolf air on Monday at 10/9c on MTV.



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