Emma plays Oona, an orthodontist who’s approaching 30, and looking for Mr. Right. In this world, however, technology has provided some help. A small timer placed on the wrist tells the wearer how long it will take for that person to find the one person they’re meant to love. Not everyone has one, but Oona does, and her timer is blank. That’s because her intended doesn’t have a timer on his wrist.

Her stepsister Steph (Michele Borth) also has a timer, but she won’t find true love for another 13 years. So, she has one-night stands, usually with men who don’t have timers. Their mom (JoBeth Williams) is sold on the timer, and places one on her son’s wrist when he turns 14.

Oona then meets Mikey, a grocery clerk/drummer (John Patrick Amedori) whose timer is supposed to go off in four months. She wonders if she should hook up with him even if she knows he’s meant to be with someone else.

Writer/director Jac Schaffer creates an interesting story about the search for romance, and how technology actually ruins romance more than it tries to make it “safer”. For example, Oona’s mom envies her daughters because the timer has made love less painful. However, both Oona and Steph admit that they’ve never been in love because they let their timers decide when the happy ending will arrive. Even Mikey is skeptical about the timer showing one path to romance because “life is about detours”. Schaffer even adds some twists that affects Oona’s future with Mikey, her relationship with her family, and her faith in the timer itself.

Caulfield does a great job as the lovelorn Oona, and has good chemistry with Amedori in their scenes. Fans of Buffy may also recognize Kali Rocha, aka Halfrek, as one of the matchmakers of the Timer company.

The DVD includes two behind-the-scenes featurettes, including one that shows how getting a timer is almost like getting a cell phone. There’s also deleted scenes, including one that was supposed to be a running gag for Steph. When you see it, you’ll wish it was kept in the movie.

You can get Timer at amazon.com and Netflix Instant Play.

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