The Supernatural press room was abuzz at San Diego Comic Con this year after a hilarious and ultimately touching panel with the cast (Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Mark A. Sheppard) and producers (Jeremy Carver, Andrew Dabb) of The CW’s long-running hit show.  Not everyone was able to get into the infamous Hall H where the panel was held right before the press coverage, but there were a lucky few who did and they had tales of surprise moderators — Rob Benedict and Richard Speight, Jr. (aka the Kings of Con… or Chuck Shirley/God and Gabriel/The Trickster, respectively) — Winchesters vs. Lose-Chesters, elder-abuse and … hamsters?

One story that everyone could agree was the highlight of the panel was the moment when the fans held up  small handheld lights in the shape of a candle in support of Jared Padalecki’s #AlwaysKeepFighting campaign.  Jared started the campaign to support the charity organization, “To Write Love on Her Arms,” which helps people struggling with depression, addiction, suicidal thoughts and self-harm.  The panel participants did not initially understand the meaning of the display, similar to music fans flicking their lighters in unison during the highlight of a concert, but the gesture was not lost on them.  As the Q & A progressed, a note along with a candle were given to Jared and his reaction — surprise followed by subtle emotion — was priceless.  He later posted a heartfelt thank you to the fans on his Facebook page here:  Jared’s Response to Fans.

As Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard along with executive producer, Jeremy Carver, and co-executive producer, Andrew Dabb, began making the rounds at the press tables, there was an occasional reference to hamsters, but the focus was on the upcoming Season 11, a key death from last season, the Winchesters and the impending doom of “The Darkness.”

Jeremy Carver talks about the new season’s Big Bad, The Darkness; Sam trusting in a higher power, and how to rectify the “Charlie debacle.”


Jensen Ackles talks about acting with Jared’s hair, the end of Dean’s “pity party” and directing this season.


Supernatural’s co-executive producer, Andrew Dabb, talks about the ramifications of killing Death, the killing of Charlie, balancing the comedy and drama of the show and point out episode two and four as key episodes coming up.


Jared Padalecki gets some positive feedback on his #AlwaysKeepFighting campaign.  He also talks about the concept of the SPN Family, Sam embracing his faith this season, and an upcoming episode that is all. about. the. Impala!


Misha Collins talks about GISHWHES, Castiel’s relationship with Dean in the upcoming season, and the lingering effects of the physical trials Castiel has endured.


And after much maneuvering, we finally cornered Mark Sheppard for one of his “non-interviews” where he never answers our questions.  As usual, hijinks ensue as the King of Hell insists that his character is dead, talks about fanfiction, his favorite moment from last season and directing.


Supernatural season 11 premieres on The CW on October 7th at 9/8c.



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