With both some great gems and a few missteps, I thought this Monday’s Teen Wolf was easily the best episode this season. Also, the big bads of this season officially get their names- The Dread Doctors.

**** Spoilers Below****

Hypable-Tonight-on-Teen-Wolf-season-5-episode-4-His-condition-was-terminalTonight starts off where last week left off.  Lydia is badly hurt from Tracy’s attack last week in the police station, and Tracy is found dead still in her kanima form.  At first Scott and Stiles believe that Malia killed her, but she tells them about the Dread Doctors.  This is the first misstep this week.  No one seemed to believe that Malia saw the Dread Doctors.  In fact they seem to ignore her every time she claims to saw them.  I know Malia isn’t normally the most stable person, but she is brutally honest.  She had no reason to lie to anyone, especially Stiles.  We know that Scott sees these Dread Doctors at the end of the episode, but I am hoping Stiles apologizes to Malia. She knew what she saw.

I am a huge fan of Deaton, last year seemed very Deaton-lite, so I was very happy to see him doing what he does best.  Normally he is so stoic, a man at peace, so the fact that Deaton was terrified says something.  I thought Seth Gilliam’s portrayal this week was pretty spot on.  When he was telling Scott about the different shape shifters all being grafted into Tracy, Seth owned it.   I am hoping Deaton continues to be central in figuring out what is behind the Dread Doctors.

Theo is getting more and more air time as both the Dread Doctors liaison, as well as their spy in Scott’s pack.  I really can’t stand him, and how he is trying pretend to be Scott’s friend, while really working against them.  I know it is going to take the rest of the season, but I hope Theo gets what is coming to him.

teen-wolf-condition-terminal-parrish fireOK, let’s talk about Deputy Parrish, who is my shape shifter of the week.  What is he?  My best guess would be some sort of phoenix.  I thought that his dream of him burning everyone at the nemeton was super awesome with it’s history in Beacon Hills, but to see that we aren’t even waiting a few weeks for his dream to become real, again I am betting he is some sort of phoenix.  Also I am warming up to Parrish and Lydia, but really only a little.  I think it will be cool when Lydia is able to fight, but I still am not a huge fan of them as a couple.

Teen-Wolf-S5E4-Scott Kira 1 Now Kira is also becoming someone to pay attention to when her kitsune becomes fired up.  Tonight was the second time her kitsune engulfs her and appears to be in control and much more ferocious.  I am definitely enjoying Kira this season.  She is becoming more and more independent and strong.  She isn’t simply Scott’s new girlfriend or someone Scott has to protect.  She is a force to be reckoned with.  Unlike what Scott showed this week.  I understand the show has created Scott to be this uber-werewolf in being a true alpha, but sometimes it seems like he still doesn’t know what to do with this power.  I was annoyed that he was manhandled by this week’s baddie of the week.  Yes, I get that the creatures are being created and have the DNA of multiple shape shifters, but still, come on Scott.  I had this complaint last year as well, it seems like Scott forgets to access his alpha powers at times.  I really do hope this is something Teen Wolf gets better consistent.

The Dread Doctors continue to get creepier.  I don’t believe they actually performed surgery on Lydia, but to make a banshee believe that they are there was alarming and cool, at the same time.  I love how they have a fear factor that hasn’t been there for a few years.  Even last year with the dead pool, I never thought Scott or his pack was really in any danger.  This season is something different.  There is also a feeling that some may not make it until graduation, little lone their freshman year of college.

What was your best part of this episode?  Feel free to share with us on the comments section below.

New episodes of Teen Wolf air on Monday at 10/9c on MTV.

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