Get ready for one of the most intense episodes in Orphan Black history!  All week Orphan Black’s official twitter kept hinting at some major things going down in this episode, but I don’t think any of us expected it to be as intense as it was!  Unfortunately, tonight we have to say goodbye to a major character.  Read below for the scoop!


Poor Sarah is still stuck in the Castor prison when the episode begins; she’s extremely disoriented and having weird dreams.  Meanwhile, Paul has a meeting with some guy on a park bench where he hands over a book of Castor clone sexual conquests.  He says it’s unsanctioned research the Castors are performing on civilians.  Felix is upset because they still have no idea where Sarah is.

Cosima wakes up from apparently having a pleasant evening with Shay, who is wearing next to nothing in the kitchen. Things get tense for a second when Shay asks who Sarah is, clearly Cosima is a little suspicious about how Shay would know about Sarah.  It’s unclear if we can fully trust Shay, but she claims Cosima was dreaming about Sarah and said her name.

CFih2iaVIAErgjp.jpg-largeOn a lighter note, Alison and Donnie are enjoying the fruits of their new business and are having a dance party in their underwear on their bed.  Cosima goes into the office and who is there waiting for her but Delphine.  Delphine doesn’t seem happy with Cosima and her recent secret keeping.  Delphine looks at the research they have been doing on the Castor brain and Gracie’s blood, and points out a matching protein they missed in the research.

Paul finds Sarah having a reaction and not doing too well after whatever the Castor clones did to her, and he claims he’s trying to help get her out.  Helena takes her crazy eating habits to a new level when she eats her scorpion friend, as she lies sprawled out in the desert.

maxresdefaultDelphine asks Cosima if she is feeling OK and if there’s anything she should know, but Cosima is a locked vault.  Probably still not over the breakup. Can’t blame her!  Felix brings Gracie down to see Cosima and Delphine, and decides it’s time to pay Rachel a visit to see what she knows about the Castor clones.

Paul talks to Mark who admits he fell in love with Gracie and it wasn’t just an act.  Paul then follows this up by saying he needs Mark to do something unofficial for him.  Maybe he really is on Sarah’s side?  Mark comes back with the keys to Virginia’s room, where, supposedly, she is hiding some research information.  After looking at the research, Paul tells Mark that the defect the Castor clones have is contagious and transmitted sexually.  Paul arrests Virginia and says he is taking over the camp.

Sarah has some sort of hallucination and walks into “the light” with one of the young Leda clones, where she has an interesting run in with Beth.  Rachel is keeping it chill water-painting when Felix comes to have a chat with her.  Felix gets upset and humiliates her a bit, and this is a rare moment where I actually kinda feel sorry for the cold-hearted pro-clone!  I’m kind of rooting for Rachel to rebound next season… there’s gotta be a fake eye or something she can get and get back in biz!

Felix (JORDAN GAVARIS)Delphine tells Cosima she misses her before Cosima turns and walks away.   It seems like it’s still a little too soon for Cosima to forgive and forget her heartbreak.  However, it seems like Delphine has been doing a little creeping of her own and is flipping through some pictures she has taken of Shay and Cosima.  Scott notices some of the drawings in Rachel’s room match markings in Duncan’s book notations, so he thinks that she may know the code that they have been looking for.

Paul explains to Sarah that the Castor group has been doing human sterilization trials.  Virginia tells Sarah and Paul she didn’t plant the disorder in the boys, she just found it.  They want to use this as some war weapon, and someone bigger is behind this.  Meanwhile, Rudy is back at camp and ready to start a war.  Paul calls his contact in Arlington, and he knows he’s been tricked.

At this point Paul and Sarah are trying to escape the camp, but not before Paul has a run in with one of the Castor clones.  He manages to kill him, but not before being stabbed in the kidney; not good.  He sticks Sarah in a hatch she can escape from to go to a garage, but first he basically tells her he loves her.  Paul asks Virginia to stop her experimenting, to which she says no and proceeds to shoot him four times.  He lets go of a grenade he was holding and blowing up himself and all of their research.

While Sarah is laying in the escape tunnel, Helena comes to help her.  Ugh, so cute.  I had a feeling she wouldn’t be able to leave her sestra behind!

What did you think of this crazy episode?  Comment below!

New episodes of Orphan Black air Saturdays at 9/8c on BBC America.

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